Transfer Credit Rel 9.2 Ed 4

Duration : 1 Day (8 Hours)

Transfer Credit Rel 9.2 Ed 4 Course Overview:

The Transfer Credit Rel 9.2 Ed 4 certification acknowledges expertise in handling academic transfer credits through Oracle technologies in an educational setting. This credential signifies adeptness in transferring and overseeing academic credits between institutions. Proficiencies encompass transfer credit processing, rule configuration, and utilization of transfer credit models within Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions system. This certification aids industries, especially higher learning institutions, in enabling smooth student mobility by recognizing and converting academic credits. Simplifying credit transfers ensures precise, uniform credit assessment and integration, thereby elevating institutional efficiency and student contentment.

Intended Audience:

  • University administrators handling academic records.
  • College transfer coordinators.
  • School registrars.
  • Academic advisers in colleges/universities.
  • Staff members dealing with credit transfer.
  • Admissions officers handling transfer credits.
  • Education professionals dealing with accreditation.

Learning Objectives of Transfer Credit Rel 9.2 Ed 4:

The learning objectives of the Transfer Credit Rel 9.2 Ed 4 course aim to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the transfer credit process and its associated functionalities. By the course’s conclusion, students will be proficient in interpreting and utilizing the transfer credit structure, assessing and implementing various transfer credit models and rules, and overseeing the complete lifecycle of a transfer credit. Through training in the usage and administration of the Oracle Campus Solutions (Transfer Credit) system, students will gain the capacity to adeptly manage transfer credit operations, analyze and resolve issues, and make well-informed decisions in this domain.

 Module 1: Describing PeopleSoft’s Transfer Credit Functionality

  • Describing How Transfer Credit Integrates With Applications
  • Describing Implementation Resources

 Module 2: Defining External Organizations, Subject Areas, and Courses

  • Defining External Organizations and Affiliations
  • Defining the External Course Catalog

 Module 3: Defining Course Transfer Equivalency Rules

  • Copying Component Subject Areas
  • Defining Program Source Equivalencies

 Module 4: Managing Incoming Coursework

  • Entering Incoming Coursework for Individuals
  • Setting Up Student Agreements
  • Evaluating Course Transfer Credit

 Module 5: Managing Test and Other Credit

  • Setting Up Test Information
  • Setting Up Test Transfer Equivalency Rules
  • Entering Test Results
  • Evaluating Test Credit
  • Evaluating Other Credit
  • Reviewing Test and Other Credit

 Module 6: Running the Batch Process and Generating Transfer Credit Reports

  • Describing How To Run The Transfer Credit Batch Process
  • Viewing Transfer Credit Information
  • Describing Transcript Setup Options
  • Describing How to Use Self-Service to View Transfer Credit Information

Transfer Credit Rel 9.2 Ed 4 Course Prerequisites:

• Previous experience or knowledge in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions
• Basic understanding of PeopleSoft applications
• Familiarity with student records and academic advisement
• Knowledge in college or university setting, particularly in the registrar’s office or admissions
• Exposure to database concepts and system analysis
• Prior training in PeopleSoft PeopleTools
• Adequate functional experience in the field of higher education

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