Student Enrollment Rel 9.2 Ed 3

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

Student Enrollment Rel 9.2 Ed 3 Course Overview:

The Student Enrollment Rel 9.2 Ed 3 certification signifies a high level of expertise in proficiently managing student data and applications, specifically within Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions framework. This credential is tailored to encompass the comprehensive functionalities and proficiencies intrinsic to the 9.2 version, encompassing the meticulous administration of student records, admissions protocols, and enrollment procedures. Evident across both educational and IT sectors, this certification serves as a validating mechanism, confirming an individual’s comprehensive comprehension and adeptness in these domains. Armed with this certification, professionals can seamlessly optimize student enrollment processes, navigate student record management with finesse, and elevate overall administrative operations. By heightening organizational efficiency, this certification establishes itself as an indispensable, industry-recognized benchmark, cementing the competence of professionals within this vital sphere.

Intended Audience:

  • Administrative personnel in universities
  • Teams overseeing enrollment management
  • Specialists in education software for academic institutions
  • Professionals engaged in student affairs
  • Information technology staff in universities
  • Academic counselors providing guidance
  • Consultants specializing in higher education
  • Advisors supporting academic paths
  • Registrars managing university records
  • Database managers in higher education settings

Learning Objectives of Student Enrollment Rel 9.2 Ed 3:

The learning objectives of the Student Enrollment Rel 9.2 Ed 3 course are to instill students with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how to efficiently use and navigate the Educational System. This includes managing student records, structuring academic programs, enrollment, academic advisement, financial aid, campus community, student financials, and reporting. Students will also be equipped with the skills required for managing processes and data, implementing queries, and producing effective reports. The course will further develop student skills on the use of the new features and functions of the latest updated version.

 Module 1: Creating Courses

 Module 2: Scheduling Classes

 Module 3: Dynamic dating

 Module 4: Course Requisites

 Module 5: Class Permissions

 Module 6: Enrollment Appointments

 Module 7: Adding and Activating New Students

 Module 8: Enrolling Students

 Module 9: Preparing for a New Term

Student Enrollment Rel 9.2 Ed 3 Course Prerequisites:

• Previous knowledge of PeopleSoft applications
• Prior experience in student enrollment operations
• Basic understanding of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions
• Familiarity with relational database management systems
• Proficiency in navigating PeopleSoft application menus
• Skills in using PeopleSoft Application Designer
• Comfortable with SQL and PS Query.

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