Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Foundation

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Foundation Course Overview:

The SRE Foundation certification is a recognized credential that confirms an individual’s grasp of essential SRE principles and techniques. It encompasses operational responsibilities, error budgets, SLIs/SLOs, breaking down silos, and introducing gradual changes. Industries rely on this certification to validate the competency of technical professionals responsible for maintaining robust, scalable, and resilient software systems. It serves as a valuable asset for companies embracing the SRE model, promoting a shared understanding among team members and enhancing operational efficiency and system reliability. Take the step towards SRE excellence today.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals seeking advanced SRE competency.
  • DevOps practitioners focused on reliability and scalability.
  • Software developers and architects for large-scale systems.
  • System Administrators and Ops teams enhancing reliability.
  • IT leaders and managers adopting SRE practices.

Learning Objectives of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Foundation:

The main learning objectives of an SRE Foundation course are to grasp SRE principles, automation techniques, error budget creation, service level agreements, monitoring, logging, and relevant tools. Ultimately, students should be capable of applying SRE principles to improve system efficiency, reliability, and scalability.

 Module 1: Course Introduction

  • Course Goals
  • Course Agenda

 Module 2: SRE Principles & Practices

  • What is Site Reliability Engineering?
  • SRE & DevOps: What is the Difference?
  • SRE Principles & Practices

 Module 3: Service Level Objectives & Error Budgets

  • Service Level Objectives (SLO’s)
  • Error Budgets
  • Error Budget Policies

 Module 4: Reducing Toil

  • What is Toil?
  • Why is Toil Bad?
  • Doing Something About Toil

 Module 5: Monitoring & Service Level Indicators

  • Service Level Indicators (SLI’s)
  • Monitoring
  • Observability

 Module 6: SRE Tools & Automation

  • Automation Defined
  • Automation Focus
  • Hierarchy of Automation Types
  • Secure Automation
  • Automation Tools

 Module 7: Anti-Fragility & Learning from Failure

  • Why Learn from Failure
  • Benefits of Anti-Fragility
  • Shifting the Organizational Balance

 Module 8: Organizational Impact of SRE

  • Why Organizations Embrace SRE
  • Patterns for SRE Adoption
  • On-Call Necessities
  • Blameless Post-Mortems
  • SRE & Scale

 Module 9: SRE, Other Frameworks, The Future

  • SRE & Other Frameworks
  • The Future

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Foundation Course Prerequisites:

• Fundamental knowledge of software development and IT operations
• Basic expertise in coding or scripting
• Understanding of cloud-based applications
• Familiarity with DevOps principles and practices
• Experience with IT service management 
• Prior exposure to site reliability engineering concepts

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