Siebel Upgrade 22.x

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Siebel Upgrade 22.x Course Overview:

The Siebel Upgrade 22.X certification validates expertise in upgrading, configuring, and implementing Siebel CRM applications in the 22.X version. It confirms the professional’s skills in performing complex upgrades, handling technical challenges, and integrating with existing business processes. Industries use this certification to find qualified professionals to optimize and enhance their CRM systems, improving efficiency and data management. The primary objective is to establish competence in handling the technical aspects of Siebel 22.X environments.

Intended Audience:

The target audience for Siebel Upgrade 22.X training includes:

  1. IT professionals
  2. Siebel administrators
  3. Developers
  4. Business analysts
  5. Consultants
  6. Project managers overseeing Siebel projects
  7. Technical support staff
  8. System architects
  9. Database administrators
  10. Technical sales professionals
  11. Pre-sales consultants.

Learning Objectives of Siebel Upgrade 22.x:

1. Understand Siebel CRM’s latest features and enhancements in version 22. X, including improved user interface, performance, and security.
2. Gain in-depth knowledge of the Siebel upgrade process, including key stages, best practices, and considerations when migrating to version 22. X.
3. Learn how to effectively plan and prepare for a Siebel upgrade project, including risk assessment, resource allocation, and change management.
4. Develop skills in performing a Siebel environment assessment and system health check to identify potential issues and optimization opportunities before starting the upgrade process.
5. Understand the role of various Siebel components and tools, such as Application Interface, Repository, and Database Configuration Utilities, in the upgrade process.
6. Learn how to perform necessary application and database customizations during the upgrade to ensure compatibility with the new version and optimize performance.
7. Gain insight into testing and validation strategies specific to Siebel upgrades, enabling you to effectively identify and resolve issues during the migration process.
8. Understand the importance of post-upgrade activities, such as performance tuning, monitoring, and maintenance, to ensure continued stability and security of the upgraded Siebel system.
9. Develop the ability to troubleshoot common issues and challenges that may arise during the Siebel 22. X upgrade process.
10. Enhance your knowledge of Siebel documentation and resources, enabling you to stay updated on the latest developments and best practices related to Siebel CRM and the upgrade process.

 Module 1: Siebel Upgrade Overview

 Module 2: Architecture, Installation, Configuration – Details on IP 22.x Architecture, Installation and Siebel Management Console (SMC), Modular Deployment Engine (MDE)

 Module 3: Installation A-Z – A full demonstration/hands-on exercise of installing the latest Siebel CRM release to prepare for an upgrade, including Modular Deployment Engine (MDE)

 Module 4: Overview of IP 22

 Module 5: Migration Application – Deep Dive into Migration Application and Migration Services

 Module 6: Upgrading the Database Schema – Preparation and execution of the first part of a development environment upgrade

 Module 7: Repository Merge (IRM) – Repository Merge process during a development environment upgrade from Innovation Pack releases

 Module 8: Test and Production Upgrade – Concepts of upgrading Siebel test/QA/SIT and production environment

 Module 9: Technical Steps of a Development Upgrade – Technical discussion of steps that are executed by the Siebel Upgrade Wizard and Siebel Tools during a development upgrade

 Module 10: Technical Steps of a Test/Production Upgrade – Technical discussion of steps that are executed by the Siebel Upgrade Wizard during a test/production upgrade

 Module 11: Containerization and Cloud – Overview of present and near-future deployment options for Siebel CRM on-premises and on-Cloud

 Module 12: Discussion of Tools can build for Siebel Upgrade

Siebel Upgrade 22.x Course Prerequisites:

There isn’t a specific list of prerequisites available online for Siebel Upgrade 22. X training. However, based on the skills and knowledge required for an upgrade process, I suggest the following prerequisites:
1. Fundamental understanding of Siebel CRM basics: This includes basic knowledge of Siebel applications, architecture, data model, and configuration.
2. Experience with Siebel Administration: A strong foundation in administering and managing Siebel CRM applications would be beneficial.
3. Familiarity with Siebel Tools: Working knowledge of Siebel Tools, including configuring, troubleshooting, and customizing Siebel applications.
4. Knowledge of database systems: A general understanding of relational databases and SQL is helpful for working with Siebel upgrades.
5. Familiarity with scripting languages: Knowledge of scripting languages such as eScript and VBScript is valuable for customizing Siebel applications.
6. Previous experience with Siebel upgrade projects: Experience with upgrading Siebel versions 8.x or higher would be beneficial.

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