Siebel Technical Foundations 15.5

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Siebel Technical Foundations 15.5 Course Overview:

The Introduction to Siebel Technical Foundations 15.5 course offers a comprehensive overview of Oracle’s powerful customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Siebel. It covers the technical aspects of Siebel, including its architecture, objects, configuration, and scripting, providing essential knowledge for working with the application. Participants will learn about Siebel installation, configuration, customization, and troubleshooting. The course also provides an overview of core Siebel features and functions and their practical applications.

Intended Audience:

  1. Software engineers and application developers working in IT.
  2. System administrators responsible for managing the Siebel CRM platform.
  3. IT managers and professionals seeking ways to leverage the corporate and cloud-based platform for customer data management.
  4. Beginners looking to gain experience and familiarity with the Siebel CRM platform.
  5. Individuals working with multiple applications and databases, needing to understand various data elements and structures for business objectives.
  6. Participants with a basic understanding or some hands-on experience in Siebel configuration, aiming to enhance their expertise and performance with the platform.

Learning Objectives of Siebel Technical Foundations 15.5:

1. Become familiar with Siebel 15.5 architecture, installation, and configuration.
2. Understand the concepts of business components, applets, views, and scripting language.
3. Learning to build workflows and scripting.
4. Establish connectivity to the Siebel database and the back- end systems.
5. Support clients and users in the use and customization of the Siebel system.
6. Analyze and debug Siebel scripts, components, and APIs.
7. Get acquainted with deployment techniques.
8. Integrate Siebel with various data sources.
9. Migrate and upgrade Siebel environment.
10. Embellish the UI of an application.

 Module 1: Siebel Applications
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Common Entities
  • Customization
  • Siebel Bookshelf and documentation
  • Applets, Views, and Screens
  • Drilldown
  • Create, modify, and delete records
  • Use picklists and multi-value groups (MVGs)
  • Create and save queries
  • Use predefined queries
  • Responsibilities, positions, divisions, and organizations
  • Catalogs, categories, and access groups
  • Security
  • Siebel Enterprise and Siebel Server
  • Gateway Name Server
  • Component Groups and Components
  • Database Server
  • Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE)
  • File System
  • Web Client: high interactivity and standard interactivity
  • Open UI Client
  • Developer Web Client
  • Mobile Web Client
  • Datasources and configuration files
  • Server Management screens
  • Jobs
  • Log settings and files
  • UI layer, business layer, data layer
  • About View
  • Navigate, edit, and compile object definitions
  • Trace objects from the UI to the data layer
  • Tables, columns, primary keys, and foreign keys
  • Indexes and user keys
  • Extension tables: 1:1 and 1:M
  • Property sets
  • Business services
  • Declarative automation
  • Business service simulator
  • Workflow processes
  • Workflow process designer
  • Integration Objects (IO)
  • Siebel web services

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Siebel Technical Foundations 15.5 Course Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for the Siebel Technical Foundations 15.5 training course. However, it is recommended to have a basic understanding of SQL and knowledge of any development language like .Net, Java, or Perl. Having knowledge of the Siebel application environment and relational database concepts would be helpful.

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