Siebel Open UI Foundations

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Siebel Open UI Foundations Course Overview:

The Siebel Open UI Foundations course is an interactive training program aimed at empowering users to proficiently utilize Siebel Open UI. It encompasses various topics, including the architecture, interface elements, client tools, and data access in Siebel Open UI. Design and development aspects of the platform are also covered. The course offers hands-on experience, practical instruction, and best practices for creating Open UI applications. Upon completion, participants will have the expertise to develop and implement effective Siebel Open UI solutions.

Intended Audience:

  1. IT Professionals
  2. Siebel Developers
  3. System Integrators
  4. Application Developers
  5. Business Analysts
  6. Technical Architects
  7. Project Managers

Learning Objectives of Siebel Open UI Foundations:

The Siebel Open UI Foundations Training course aims to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of the Siebel Open UI architecture and development. Participants will learn how to utilize the Siebel Open UI framework to customize, extend, and create new user interfaces. The training covers features like Omnimarkup for managing presentation entities beyond Siebel screens. By the end of the course, learners will gain proficiency in the Service Invocation Framework, debugging and troubleshooting Open UI issues, and building frameworks for views and integration. The course also equips learners to integrate the Siebel Open UI architecture with other business applications.

 Module 1: Siebel Open UI Client
  • Proxy
  • Presentation Model (PM)
  • Physical Renderer (PR)
  • Plug-in Wrappers (PW)
  • Manifest Files
  • Expressions
  • Object types and usage
  • Classes
  • Objects
  • Namespaces
  • Functions
  • Siebel Web Templates
  • JavaScript files and controls
  • Images
  • Metadata
  • Runtime data
  • Property inspector
  • Debugger flag
  • SiebelJS.Log
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS files)
  • Themes
  • Styling Rules

Siebel Open UI Foundations Course Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for taking Siebel Open UI Foundations Training. However, prior knowledge and experience of working on customer relationship management (CRM) systems is beneficial. Additionally, knowledge of basic programming concepts such as variables, methods, and loops will help in understanding this course more clearly.

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