Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Rel 15.5

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Rel 15.5 Course Overview:

The Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) Rel 15.5 certification validates the expertise in managing and controlling complex enterprise integration processes using Siebel EIM features. It encompasses essential concepts like table mapping, EIM process configuration, and data management with Siebel Tools. This certification is sought after by industries to ensure professionals possess the necessary skills to support, customize, and maintain EIM data processing, enhancing the efficiency of data management tasks. The proficiency in EIM is crucial for industries to streamline data integration between disparate systems, reduce operational costs, improve data reliability, and foster collaboration among various business functions.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals specialized in Siebel CRM
  • Siebel system administrators
  • Business analysts working with Siebel software
  • Software developers or architects designing Siebel applications
  • Database administrators managing Siebel data
  • Integration specialists utilizing Siebel EIM
  • Consultants offering Siebel technical solutions.

Learning Objectives of Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Rel 15.5:

The Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Rel 15.5 course primarily aims to equip learners with a comprehensive understanding of the EIM system and its versatile functionalities. It focuses on teaching students to perform advanced configuration tasks, troubleshoot common issues, and streamline their organization’s workflow using Siebel EIM. The course objectives include understanding the concept of EIM, configuring and running EIM processes, using SQL with EIM, managing EIM performance, and handling error handling mechanisms. Additionally, the course aims to impart knowledge about the steps to Import, Export, Merge and Delete Siebel data using EIM, and considerations related to deleting data in Siebel applications.

 Module 1: Siebel table relationships and referential integrity
  • User, primary, and foreign keys
  • Party and denormalized data
  • ROW_IDs
  • Temporary, required, and extension columns
  • EIM (interface) tables
  • Base, target, or destination tables
  • EIM to base table mappings
  • EIM jobs
  • Configuration (.ifb) files
  • Parameters
  • Processing steps
  • .IFB options
  • Resolution of foreign keys and list of values
  • ROW_ID values
  • Primaries
  • Populating the EIM table
  • Source to base
  • Determining the interface table
  • Determining required columns and values
  • Only base tables/columns
  • Insert rows/update rows
  • Net change
  • Session SQL
  • Default/fixed columns
  • Filter Query
  • Skip BU_ID

  • Cascade deletes
  • Delete Exact
  • Delete Matches
  • Delete All Rows
  • Commit Options

Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Rel 15.5 Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of Siebel CRM
• Knowledge of relational database management systems
• Familiarity with structured query language (SQL)
• Prior experience with Siebel Tools
• Conceptual understanding of Extensible Markup Language (XML)
• Familiarity with Siebel Data Model
• Understanding of enterprise application integration (EAI).

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