Security Principles Rel 8.96

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Security Principles Rel 8.96 Course Overview:

The Security Principles Rel 8.96 certification establishes a robust framework ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. Employed by diverse industries, it serves as a benchmark to assess and elevate information security management systems. This certification delineates overarching guidelines for instating, executing, sustaining, and enhancing data security. Its principal objective lies in safeguarding corporate assets against threats and vulnerabilities while upholding uninterrupted business operations. Industries pursue this certification to validate alignment with rigorous security protocols, instilling client and partner trust in their unwavering commitment to data security. Encompassing risk management, access control, incident response, and more, it comprehensively addresses pivotal facets of information protection.

Intended Audience:

  • Information security professionals
  • Network administrators
  • System analysts
  • Risk management professionals
  • IT managers
  • Data privacy officers
  • Cybersecurity consultants
  • Teams responsible for implementing security measures
  • Individuals looking to enhance their knowledge in security principles.

Learning Objectives of Security Principles Rel 8.96:

The learning objectives of the Security Principles Rel 8.96 course aim to provide learners with a comprehensive grasp of diverse security principles in alignment with the 8.96 release. Participants will acquire insights into new security features, their implementation, and enhancements. They will develop proficiency in efficiently managing vulnerabilities and addressing threats within the system. The course imparts knowledge about data encryption methodologies, secure system design, and development practices. Moreover, students will become well-versed in devising prevention and detection strategies to counter unauthorized system access. They will also comprehend the fundamental aspects of security audits, incident response procedures, and recovery plans. Ultimately, the course endeavors to substantially elevate participants’ skills in security management.

 Module 1: Technology Overview

  • Describing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Security Components
  • Describing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Security Architecture
  • Describing LDAP and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Server Relationships

 Module 2: Describing Sign-On Security

  • Describing Single Sign-On
  • Describing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

 Module 3: Setting Up Security on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

  • Identifying a Method to Create Security Components
  • Explaining How to Put the Components Together
  • Describing Security Workbench

 Module 4: Setting Up Additional Security

  • Describing Business Unit Security
  • Describing Address Book Data Security
  • Using Versions
  • Describing Batch Approval / Post Security

 Module 5: Identifying Web Security Issues

  • Describing Web-Based Access
  • Describing the Portal
  • Describing Portal Security

 Module 6: Identifying OMC and OMW Considerations and Best Practices

  • Describing Security Best Practices
  • Changing the JDE Password

 Module 7: Describing Auditing

  • Discussing Auditing and Authorizing
  • Describing Oracle Database Auditing

Security Principles Rel 8.96 Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of IT security concepts
• Prior experience or exposure to network security
• Familiarity with security technologies like firewalls, VPN, and IDS
• Knowledge of general networking concepts
• Basic proficiency in handling security software tools
• Prior training or industry experience in cybersecurity.

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