S Oracle SuperCluster for Database Administrators

Duration : 1 Day (8 Hours)

S Oracle SuperCluster for Database Administrators Course Overview:

The Oracle SuperCluster for Database Administrators certification is a testament to the DBAs’ proficiency in managing and implementing Oracle’s integrated systems. It encompasses a thorough understanding of SuperCluster’s advanced features, such as virtualization, software-defined configurations, high availability, and rapid resource provisioning. Industries worldwide rely on this certification as a measure to identify experts capable of optimizing hardware and software systems, from building efficient data centers to delivering high-performance services. Possessing this certification empowers IT professionals to showcase their ability in supporting complex, mission-critical IT environments, offering optimal solutions for enhanced performance and cost savings.

Intended Audience:

  • Experienced Oracle Database Administrators seeking advanced training
  • IT professionals responsible for managing and maintaining Oracle systems
  • Database engineers looking to expand their expertise in Oracle SuperCluster
  • IT Managers aiming to enhance their knowledge of Oracle database infrastructure
  • Systems administrators with a focus on Oracle Technologies

Learning Objectives of S Oracle SuperCluster for Database Administrators:

The learning objectives of the Oracle SuperCluster for Database Administrators course are to equip learners with the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage Oracle SuperCluster environments. By the end of the course, administrators should be able to:

  1. Understand the architecture and hardware components of Oracle SuperCluster.
  2. Configure and manage the network settings for optimal performance.
  3. Perform system maintenance tasks to ensure smooth operations.
  4. Manage, deploy, and migrate databases on Oracle SuperCluster.
  5. Utilize InfiniBand network and Exadata Storage Cells efficiently.
  6. Troubleshoot and resolve performance, backup, recovery, and security issues.
  7. Implement best practices for maximizing system performance and availability.

Through this course, database administrators will gain the expertise needed to maintain and optimize Oracle SuperCluster systems, ensuring their reliable and efficient operation for critical business applications.

SuperCluster Introduction:

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Review Course Outline
  3. Distinguish Oracle SuperCluster from Exadata Database Machine or Exalogic
  4. List the Main Components that Compose Oracle SuperCluster
  5. Describe SuperCluster Functions
  6. Describe the Features of SuperCluster

Optional Overviews: 7. Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 Overview (optional)

  • Describe Oracle SuperCluster T5-8
  1. Oracle SuperCluster M6-32 Overview (optional)
    • Describe Oracle SuperCluster M6-32
    • Describe SuperCluster M6-32 Capacity
    • Explain the Services that SuperCluster M6-32 Offers (Features and Benefits)
  2. Oracle SuperCluster M7 Overview (optional)
    • Describe Oracle SuperCluster M7
    • Describe SuperCluster M7 Capacity
    • Explain the Services that SuperCluster M7 Offers (Features and Benefits)

Exadata Storage Servers: 10. Identify What Exadata Storage Servers Are and What They Do

  1. List the Typical Configurations for Exadata Storage Servers
  2. Describe ASM and Disk Groups
  3. Understand CellCLI and ExaCLI
  4. Describe I/O Resource Manager (IORM), Write Back Flash Cache, and Indexes
  5. Understand Performance Monitoring and Tuning

SuperCluster Virtualization and Consolidation: 16. Describe the Different Types of Virtualization Options Available on a SuperCluster

  1. Differentiate Between Different Types of SuperCluster Domains (Application, Database, I/O, and Root)
  2. Describe the Difference Between Zones and Logical Domains

Oracle SuperCluster Tools: 19. Describe the SuperCluster-Supplied Tools and Their Purposes

Best Practices: 20. Describe the Best Practices for Configuring Database and Application Domains

  1. Explain SuperCluster Maintenance Tasks, Including Patching, Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR), Proactive/Reactive Patching, System Monitoring, and Diagnosing Errors
  2. Search for and Subscribe to My Oracle Support (MOS) Best Practices and Solutions for All the Components Within the SuperCluster

S Oracle SuperCluster for Database Administrators Course Prerequisites:

• Basic knowledge of database administration
• Familiarity with Oracle Database architecture
• Understand server and storage hardware concepts
• Experience in UNIX and Linux platform management
• Skills of network configuration and troubleshooting
• Exposure to Oracle RAC, Oracle VM Server and Solaris
• Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification preferred

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