Root Cause Analysis Foundation

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Root Cause Analysis Foundation Course Overview:

The Root Cause Analysis Foundation certification confirms an individual’s capability in identifying, analyzing, and resolving underlying issues causing problems in a business context. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) involves a systematic approach to uncovering fundamental factors that go beyond the immediate causes of a problem. This method is widely applied in diverse industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and software development, to enhance processes, products, and outcomes. Employing techniques such as cause-and-effect diagrams, the 5 Whys, and Fault Tree Analysis, certified professionals play a vital role in assisting businesses to minimize losses, improve productivity, and foster continuous improvement by addressing the root causes instead of merely treating the symptoms.

Intended Audience:

  1. Professionals working in quality management
  2. Individuals in operational or process improvement roles
  3. Project and team leaders responsible for problem-solving
  4. Risk or safety management teams
  5. Business analysts seeking to identify and rectify business issues
  6. IT professionals troubleshooting system issues
  7. Healthcare professionals seeking to improve patient care quality.

Learning Objectives of Root Cause Analysis Foundation:

The learning objectives of a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Foundation course are as follows:

  1. Understand the fundamental concepts and principles of RCA.
  2. Learn to identify and define problems accurately.
  3. Effectively use various RCA tools and methods.
  4. Conduct RCA to determine the root cause of a problem.
  5. Develop action plans to address identified root causes.
  6. Implement preventive measures to avoid problem recurrence.
  7. Improve organizational processes and enhance performance through effective RCA strategies and techniques.
  8. Reduce risk and enhance decision-making by applying RCA principles.

By achieving these learning outcomes, participants will be equipped with the necessary skills to systematically identify and address the root causes of problems, enabling them to make informed decisions, prevent future occurrences, and drive continuous improvement within their organizations.

Day 1: Introduction to RCA and the definition of the problem
Day 2: Measure, analyze, improve and control phases of DMAIC, and continuous improvement

Root Cause Analysis Foundation Course Prerequisites:

The main prerequisites for enrolling in this training course include:

• Ability to understand and communicate in English
• Basic knowledge of operational process flows
• Familiarity with analytical or problem-solving techniques
• Experience in a process-oriented role or environment
• Willingness to learn new strategies to identify root causes of problems.

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