R12.x Oracle Payroll Fundamentals: Configuration (Global)

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

R12.x Oracle Payroll Fundamentals: Configuration (Global) Course Overview:

The Oracle Payroll Fundamentals: Configuration (Global) course is a comprehensive training designed for payroll administrators and IT professionals. It covers the essentials of configuring and utilizing Oracle Payroll to meet business needs. Participants will learn about different payroll types, payroll components, and how to configure payroll setup for national and local payrolls. The course also encompasses time entry, absences, payments, and report generation. After completing the course, learners will effectively manage payroll data, create and run payrolls, process payments, interpret results, troubleshoot issues, and ensure accurate tax liability mapping. This course empowers participants to optimize Oracle Payroll usage within their organization.

Intended Audience:

  • Professionals new to the Oracle Payroll system
  • Users of the R12 version of Oracle Payroll
  • Individuals planning to upgrade to R12 version of Oracle Payroll
  • Database Administrators involved in Oracle Payroll implementation and management
  • Development Teams responsible for configuring and customizing payroll processes
  • HR Professionals seeking to understand payroll configuration for their organization
  • Global Payroll Administrators aiming to enhance their skills in configuring payroll processing
  • Those with knowledge of global payroll processes, regulations, and requirements
  • Individuals with a strong understanding of the functional features of global payroll regulations

Learning Objectives of R12.x Oracle Payroll Fundamentals: Configuration (Global):

1. Explain the foundational concepts of Oracle Global Payroll.
2. Set up the environment and navigate payroll configuration screens.
3. Describe the Structural Elements of Global Payroll.
4. Understand the Statutory and Regulatory reporting features in Context to Global Payroll.
5. Describe the significance of legal changes for payroll and their setup in Oracle.
6. Configure Service Provisioning in Global Payroll.
7. Set up elements such as payment methods, deductions and taxes for payroll operations.
8. Define Payroll relationship between employees and their units and jobs.
9. Understand ‘external processing’ to accomplish payroll advances and Miscellaneous Payments.
10. Understand the features available for Payroll Results Analysis.
11. Identify the Global Payroll Statutory, Regulatory and Voluntary deductions.
12. Configure Payroll Run controls and cluster settings.

 Module 1: R12.1 Payroll Configuration – Introduction

  • Objectives
  • Topics

 Module 2: Payroll Configuration Fundamentals

  • Paying Your Employees
  • Choosing Single or Multiple Payment Methods
  • Choosing Single or Multiple Currencies
  • Choosing Single or Multiple Payrolls
  • Understanding the Criteria that Define a Payroll

 Module 3: Defining Payrolls for Your Organization

  • Understanding Payment Method Types
  • Defining Payment Methods
  • Consolidating Results for Several Payrolls
  • Defining a Payroll
  • Understanding Pay Calendars
  • Entering Further Information for a Payroll
  • Allocating a Payroll Contact

 Module 4: Maintaining PAYE and NI

  • PAYE and NI
  • Essential Information for PAYE and NI
  • Sources of Essential Information
  • Entering PAYE and NI Details for an Employee
  • Entering NI Details for a Director

 Module 5: Maintaining Other Deductions

  • Maintaining Student Loans
  • Maintaining Tax Credits

 Module 6: Costing Overview

  • Managing Exceptions to Costing Rules

 Module 7: Processing Costs

  • Sub-ledger Accounting
  • Running Retro-Costing
  • Costing Your Payments
  • Processing Costs

 Module 8: R12.1 Payroll Configuration Fundamentals – Summary

  • R12.1 Payroll Configuration – Summary

R12.x Oracle Payroll Fundamentals: Configuration (Global) Course Prerequisites:

The basic prerequisites for R12.x Oracle Payroll Fundamentals: Configuration (Global) Training are as follows:
• Demonstrated knowledge of a payroll business process
• Understanding of payroll concepts such as Salary, Wages, Entitlements, Deduction, Legislation, and Tax
• Intimate familiarity with HRMS (Human Resources Management System)
• Proficiency in several Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) modules, including HRMS, Advanced Global Payroll, and Oracle Time & Labor
• Knowledge of businesses practices related to legal and regional payroll taxes and regulations
• Understanding of basic financial and accounting concepts

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