R12.x Oracle HRMS Payroll Fundamentals: Earning and Deductions (Global)

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

R12.x Oracle HRMS Payroll Fundamentals: Earning and Deductions (Global) Course Overview:

The Oracle HRMS Payroll Fundamentals: Earning & Deductions (Global) course provides a comprehensive understanding of Oracle HRMS’ Global Payroll module. Covering topics like Earnings & Deductions, Payroll Balancing, Tax Processing, and reporting, the course enables users to efficiently set up and manage global payroll systems. Designed for HR managers and Payroll specialists familiar with Oracle HRMS, especially Oracle Global Payroll users, this course offers valuable insights into optimizing earnings, deductions, taxation, and reporting processes.

Intended Audience:

  1. Global Payroll and HR Personnel using Oracle E-Business Suite tools
  2. Oracle users seeking advanced knowledge in payroll calculations, rules, and deductions
  3. Users looking to set up universal payment elements (earnings and deductions) in a global payroll context, considering multiple currencies and countries
  4. Those familiar with global HRMS processes and government regulations affecting payroll
  5. Individuals with a strong understanding of Oracle HRMS modules and human resources tables
  6. Professionals aiming to successfully configure pay structures within their organization.

Learning Objectives of R12.x Oracle HRMS Payroll Fundamentals: Earning and Deductions (Global):

1. Understand the Payroll Flow in Oracle HRMS and how it functions in different Global environments.
2. Learn about Earning and Deductions that could be configured through Oracle HRMS.
3. Gain knowledge about the setup of Global Payroll and its associated benefit programs.
4. Get to know the various processes and tools used to create, process and report employee and organization information.
5. Gain practical experience in configuring and managing Payroll elements, features and programs.
6. Become competent in successful integration of information and data between Payroll and other HRMS solutions (Global).
7. Recognize tax implications of different payroll solutions and agreements.
8. Examine Legacy and New Developments in Global Payroll.
9. Understand how to audit and troubleshoot Global Payroll issues.
10. Learn best practices and tips to overcome common issues.

 Module 1: Introduction to Earnings and Deductions

 Module 2: Element Setup for Payroll

 Module 3: Writing Formulas

 Module 4: Defining Formula Results and Processing Rules

 Module 5: Controlling the Frequency of Processing an Element

 Module 6: Advance Pay

 Module 7: RetroPay

 Module 8: Net-to-Gross, Proration, and Historic Rates

 Module 9: Element Design Wizard

 Module 10: Managing Third Party Payments

R12.x Oracle HRMS Payroll Fundamentals: Earning and Deductions (Global) Course Prerequisites:

The prerequisites for R12.x Oracle HRMS Payroll Fundamentals: Earning and Deductions (Global) Training are basic knowledge of Oracle R12x payroll and understanding of the global payroll process. The individual should also possess a working knowledge of the Human Resources (HR) Management System (HRMS) architecture, including the ability to navigate the forms-based HRMS user interface. Additionally, it is beneficial to have a basic understanding of the Organization system and Excel.

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