R12.x Oracle HRMS Payroll Fundamentals :Administration (Global)

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

R12.x Oracle HRMS Payroll Fundamentals :Administration (Global) Course Overview:

The R12.x Oracle HRMS Payroll Fundamentals: Administration (Global) course introduces participants to the setup, management, and processing of payrolls using Oracle E-Business Suite’s Global Payroll offering. Covering key concepts like components, workers, payroll cycles, and results, the course provides hands-on experience in configuring core employee information, processing hierarchies, payroll formulas and elements, and generating results. Aimed at global Payroll administrators, consultants, and end-users, this course equips participants to effectively administer and operate payroll processes using Oracle E-Business Suite’s Global Payroll capabilities.

Intended Audience:

  • HRMS Payroll Administration Department personnel
  • Payroll Coordinators aiming to enhance their knowledge of global payroll fundamentals
  • Payroll Managers seeking a comprehensive understanding of global payroll concepts
  • Individuals pursuing global certification in the Oracle HRMS Payroll module
  • Payroll Clerks and Payroll Assistants looking to expand their knowledge of payroll fundamentals
  • Professionals familiar with payroll systems desiring to increase their understanding of payroll fundamentals
  • Those aspiring to become proficient in HRMS Payroll administration processes for global payroll management
  • Anyone interested in developing their skills in managing global payroll operations

Learning Objectives of R12.x Oracle HRMS Payroll Fundamentals :Administration (Global):

1. Become familiar with the concepts and structure of the Oracle R12 E-Business Suite HRMS Payroll Global configuration.
2. Understand the navigation needed to setup, run, and report on payroll components like Oracle Advanced Benefits, Core HR, Payroll, FastFormula, Time and Labor, and HR Self-Service.
3. Apply the key steps in Oracle HRMS payroll from adding and modifying employees, processing payroll, and running reports.
4. Create payroll elements and flexfields and link to employee records, process payroll, and set up overrides, special pays and additional payments.
5. Understand element linking, key flexfields, generating reports, profile options, Assign element to a payroll, Run payroll process, manage tax, banking and garnishments information, understand the payroll reconciliation and define payroll calendars
6. Learn to manage employee benefits, create Life Event and gain knowledge of Fast formula components.
7. Create Life Events, Create Process Groups and Understand Employee Transfer and Termination
8. Understand the setup & process of Oracle HRMS Self Service.
9. Understand Oracle Advanced Benefits and extensive Life History create and process methods.
10. Utilize the extra-ordinary features of API’s and Application Program Interfaces.

 Module 1: An Introduction to Payroll Administration

  • Overview of Payroll Processing
  • Pay Period Cycle
  • Batch Processing
  • QuickPay
  • Balance Adjustments
  • RetroPay
  • Continuous Calculation
  • Absence Payments

 Module 2: Payroll Preprocessing

  • Data Entry
  • Processing Third Party Payments
  • BEE Features
  • Retro Pay
  • Advanced Pay

 Module 3: Payroll Processing

  • Processing a Payroll
  • Running a Full Payroll Run
  • Group Processing
  • Payroll Processing and Rollback Sequence
  • Running Payroll in Batch Mode
  • Making Corrections, Rollbacks, Reversals and Retries
  • Consolidation Sets
  • Running QuickPay

 Module 4: Payroll Postprocessing

  • Processing Payments
  • Using Cheque Writer/Check Writer
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Viewing Payrolls
  • Voiding Check Payments
  • Costing and Transfer to GL
  • Payroll Processing Reports
  • Wage and Tax Reporting

 Module 5: Balance Adjustments

  • Balancing/Reconciling Payrolls
  • Balance Dimensions
  • Predefined Tax Balances
  • Batch Balance Adjustment Interface
  • Payroll Adjustments
  • Creating Adjustment Elements
  • Adjust Balance Window

 Module 6: Special Payroll Features

  • Defining and Processing RetroPay
  • Setting Up RetroPay
  • Processing RetroPay
  • RetroPay by Element
  • Continuous Calculation
  • Proration
  • Event Groups
  • Iterative Engine

 Module 7: R12.1 Payroll Fundamentals: Administration Summary (Global) Summary

 Module 8: R12.1 Payroll Fundamentals: Administration (Global) Supplemental Student Practices

  • Overview of Payroll Processing
  • Payroll PreProcessing
  • Payroll Processing
  • Post Payroll Processing
  • Balance Adjustments
  • Special Payroll Features

R12.x Oracle HRMS Payroll Fundamentals :Administration (Global) Course Prerequisites:

• Fundamentals of Oracle HRMS
• Oracle R12 HRMS Core Modules (Global HR, Self-Service Human Resources, Payroll)
• General Ledger
• Concepts of Taxation
• Oracle Workflow Builder
• Concepts of Paysheet in Oracle HRMS.

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