R12.2 Oracle Project Billing Fundamentals

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

R12.2 Oracle Project Billing Fundamentals Course Overview:

The R12.2 Oracle Project Billing Fundamentals Certification signifies a specialized expertise and skillset, serving as a standard for proficiency in Oracle Project Billing—a comprehensive, integrated suite designed for complete project cost management throughout its lifecycle. This certification demonstrates a deep comprehension of the billing functionalities embedded within Oracle’s R12.2 E-business suite, facilitating adept management of project receivables. Certified professionals are instrumental in effectively generating customer invoices, recognizing revenue, gauging project profitability, and streamlining project-based accounting processes. Industries spanning IT, consulting, manufacturing, and infrastructure find substantial value in this certification, as it equips experts to deliver precise and timely billing information, thereby augmenting cash flow and enhancing customer service quality.

Intended Audience:

• Project Billing Managers and Specialists
• Oracle Project Suite Professionals
• IT Professionals working with Oracle ERP
• Finance Managers working with Oracle Software
• Business Analysts specializing in Project Management
• Oracle Database Administrators
• Accounts Receivable Managers
• Financial Controllers integrating systems with Oracle

Learning Objectives of R12.2 Oracle Project Billing Fundamentals:

The core objectives of the R12.2 Oracle Project Billing Fundamentals course revolve around furnishing participants with an all-encompassing grasp of the Oracle Project Billing module. By course completion, learners will exhibit enhanced proficiency in efficiently managing project contracts, budgets, and billing procedures. Competence will be cultivated in tasks such as structuring project and task frameworks, configuring billing events and streamlining invoice processing, as well as adeptly overseeing diverse forms of project funding. A comprehensive understanding of project performance analysis through Oracle BI reporting functionalities will also be developed. Moreover, participants will acquire the capability to navigate client and intercompany billing intricacies, grasp the nuances of revenue recognition procedures, and adeptly troubleshoot prevalent issues within the billing cycle. Ultimately, the course aims to empower learners with the requisite skills to achieve streamlined and effective project contract management, billing processes, and project financial analysis.

 Module 1: Overview of Oracle Project Billing

  • Contract Projects
  • Accounting transactions
  • Agreements and Funding
  • Multicurrency Billing
  • Project Revenue
  • Invoicing
  • Retention billing
  • Integration with Oracle Project Contracts

 Module 2: Oracle Projects Integration with Other Oracle Applications

  • Integration with Other Oracle Applications

 Module 3: Ledgers and Currencies

  • Overview for the Purpose of Oracle Applications Ledger
  • Chart of Accounts influence for AutoAccounting
  • Flexfield Qualifiers and Dynamic Inserts
  • Projects integration with subledger accounting
  • Accounting Calendar
  • Reporting currencies
  • Subledger Accounting Methods

 Module 4: Organizations

  • Oracle HRMS Integration and Organizations
  • Usage of Employees and Organizations in Oracle Projects
  • Organization hierarchies
  • Organization Classifications

 Module 5: Periods and Calendars

  • Overview of Periods and Calendars
  • Implementation and Use of Calendars
  • Defining PA Periods and Statuses
  • Setting the PA reporting period

 Module 6: Implementation Options

  • Implementation Options by Operating Unit

 Module 7: People Resources

  • People Resources Overview
  • Jobs, jobs levels, groups, competencies
  • Employees
  • Contingent workers
  • External team members

 Module 8: Defining a contract project

  • Project classes and templates
  • Project Classes and Project Types
  • Billing setup
  • Customers
  • Currency Options
  • Billability and Work Types
  • Rates, Rate Schedules, Rate Precedence, and Rate Overrides
  • Retention level and terms

 Module 9: Agreements and Funding

  • Project Funding
  • Hard limits
  • Agreements and Customers
  • Multicurrency Billing
  • Payment Terms
  • Advance Payments
  • Allocating Funds, Funding Levels
  • Creating Baseline Budgets

 Module 10: Generating revenue

  • Revenue Accrual methods
  • Hard limit processing
  • Revenue events
  • Generating revenue
  • Revenue in Foreign Currency
  • Create accounting
  • Reviewing and Releasing Revenue
  • Adjusting revenue

 Module 11: Generating invoices

  • Invoice concepts and methods
  • Event billing
  • Customer billing retention
  • Billing Implementation Options
  • Invoice Tax
  • Interfacing Invoices to Receivables
  • Receivables and SLA Accounting
  • Adjustments

 Module 12: Accounting for Revenue and Invoices

  • AutoAccounting
  • Subledger accounting
  • Unbilled Receivables and Unearned Revenue
  • Realized gains and losses
  • Unbilled retention
  • Federal Budgetary Accounting

 Module 13: Interproject Billing

  • Definitions and setups
  • Internal Suppliers and Customers
  • Provider and Receiver Controls
  • Internal Billing Implementation Options
  • Billing extensions
  • Adjustments

 Module 14: Summary

  • Contract Projects
  • Customer Relationships
  • Agreements and Funding
  • Revenue Accrual
  • Muticurrency Billing
  • Invoicing
  • Accounting
  • Interproject Billing

R12.2 Oracle Project Billing Fundamentals Course Prerequisites:

• Basic knowledge of Oracle E-Business Suite
• Familiarity with Oracle Project Costing
• Understanding of the fundamentals of project management
• Prior experience with Oracle Project Portfolio Analysis
• Knowledge of Oracle architecture and navigation
• Familiarity with the technology used in R12.2

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