R12.2 Oracle Procurement Contracts Fundamentals

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

R12.2 Oracle Procurement Contracts Fundamentals Course Overview:

The Oracle Procurement Contracts Fundamentals (R12.2) course is essential for users seeking to set up, manage, and report on procurement contracts within Oracle Applications. Attendees will learn how to create, negotiate, and maintain contracts, understanding both proactive and reactive contract types and their associated workflows and reporting capabilities. By the course’s conclusion, participants will possess comprehensive knowledge of Oracle E-Business Suite contracts, including configuring setup tables, managing contracts, running reports and queries, using contract lifecycle versions, and becoming proficient in the Oracle Advanced Procurement Contract Composer interface. They will also be able to set up notifications and automated updates for contracts.

Intended Audience:

  1. Purchasing Personnel: Individuals involved in the procurement and purchasing processes within an organization.
  2. Contract Administrators: Professionals responsible for managing and overseeing contract-related activities.
  3. Contract Managers: Individuals responsible for the overall management and execution of contracts.
  4. Procurement Professionals: Personnel working in the procurement department, responsible for acquiring goods and services for the organization.
  5. Individuals with Foundational Experience: Those who have some basic knowledge or experience in contract management but want to build a stronger foundation.
  6. Oracle Cloud Buyers: Users of Oracle Cloud who need to manage procurement contracts.
  7. Users of Oracle E-Business Suite: Individuals new to using Oracle E-Business Suite for procurement and contract management.
  8. Business and IT Users: Individuals who will be supporting and working with Oracle Applications R12, including procurement and contract-related processes.

Learning Objectives of R12.2 Oracle Procurement Contracts Fundamentals:

1. Understand the features, benefits and architecture of Oracle Procurement Contracts.
2. Familiarize yourself with contract types and the elements of an Oracle Procurement Contract.
3. Create and manage catalog contracts, direct awards, blanket purchase agreements and other contract types.
4. Learn what features are available to enable you to set up and manage contract terms and conditions.
5. Set up contract lists, search results and AutoCreate options.
6. Identify the different contract templates used in contract creation.
7. Administer terms and conditions and budget controls.
8. Manage contract award and award criteria.
9. Explore responsibilities for creating and modifying contract reports.
10. Create and manage contract documents, documents drafts, revisions and document distributions.

 Module 1: Procurement Contracts In The Oracle Advanced Procurement Suite
  • Procure to Pay Lifecycle
  • Procurement Contracts Integration with Other Procurement Applications
  • Integration to Other Procurement Applications
  • Procurement Contracts and Advanced Procurement
  • Contract Integration: Supplier
  • Procurement Application Integration: Customer
  • Procurement Contracts in Purchasing
  • Procurement Contracts in iSupplier Portal
  • Contract Life Cycle Management
  • Oracle Procurement Contracts Benefits
  • Procurement Contract Solutions
  • Types of Contracts
  • Procurement Contracts Lifecycle
  • Establish Standards
  • Author and Negotiate: Procurement Contracts
  • Author and Negotiate: Contract Terms
  • Contracts Terms Library
  • Contracts Terms Library Advantages
  • Contract Terms Library Contents
  • Contract Terms Library Structure
  • Global Control, Local Access
  • Contract Templates
  • Adding Clauses to Contract Templates
  • Validate Templates
  • Authoring Purchasing Contracts
  • Purchase Contract Authoring
  • Contract Terms
  • Contract Authoring Steps
  • Updating and Deleting Variables
  • Displaying Clauses Using a Variable
  • Procurement Contracts in Buyer’s Work Center
  • Buyer’s Work Center Document Style Setup
  • Multi-Org Access Control Setup
  • Mandatory Setups
  • Implementation Sequence
  • Levels of Access
  • Contract Authoring Setup
  • Clause Concurrent Programs
  • XML Interface for Clause Import Setup and Process

R12.2 Oracle Procurement Contracts Fundamentals Course Prerequisites:

To attend the Oracle Procurement Contracts Fundamentals Training for R12.2, it is recommended that participants have the following prerequisites:
•Good working knowledge of Oracle E-Business Suite set up and navigation
•Experience in Oracle Purchasing and Oracle Payables
•Knowledge of purchasing documents and processes in Oracle E-Business Suite
•Knowledge of contracts terms such as terms and conditions, milestones, items, and invoices
•Understanding of database structure, including Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Purchasing, and Sourcing tables
•Understanding of Oracle Purchasing Price Breaks and Price Adjustment Rules
•Familiarity with XML Publisher reporting engine
•Knowledge of contract negotiation and dispute resolution process
•Understanding of applicable business laws and regulations

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