R12.2 Oracle Cash Management Fundamentals

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

R12.2 Oracle Cash Management Fundamentals Course Overview:

The Oracle R12.2 Cash Management Fundamentals is an extensive online course aimed at teaching users how to implement and manage Oracle Cash Management effectively. The course covers various topics, including cash forecasting, smart forecasting, checks and transfers, bank accounts, bank reconciliations, and bank account setups. Participants will learn to use Oracle Cash Management to enhance operational efficiency, automate financial processes, and reduce risk. This course is ideal for individuals responsible for setting up and maintaining cash management processes in their organization. By completing this course, users will acquire the skills necessary to efficiently manage daily cash flow operations and financial position.

Intended Audience:

  1. Finance Professionals and Analysts: Individuals who work with Oracle applications technology and are involved in cash management processes and analysis.
  2. Business Professionals: Those with a working knowledge of cash management principles and processes, aiming to expand their abilities to optimize the organization’s cash usage.
  3. Financial Professionals: Participants with key concepts of financial management, such as accounting, treasury, and cash management, will find the course to be a valuable resource.
  4. Professionals Interested in Oracle Applications Technology: Business or financial professionals who want to learn more about Oracle applications technology and its application to financial processes.

Learning Objectives of R12.2 Oracle Cash Management Fundamentals:

1. Identify the structural components of Oracle Cash Management
2. Describe how to setup and use Cash Balancing
3. Identify the differences between manual and automated processing of Cash Management
4. Discuss the configuration of Oracle Cash Management Bank Statements
5. Explain the Global Banking Networks supported by Oracle Payments
6. Configure the cash management window
7. Discuss the initialization in Cash Management
8. Describe the Transaction Manager functions in Cash Management
9. Identify the features of EFT Payments
10. Explain the the concepts of Reconciliation in Oracle Cash Management
11. Compare and contrast Bank Account and Bank Statement
12. Discuss the creation and setup of Bank Accounts
13. Explain the concept of Cash Positioning
14. Describe Cash Pooling and Cash Disbursements
15. Define Forecast and Cash Forecasting
16. Analyze Bank Statement Loader and Bank File Format
17. Differentiate between Bank Account Type, Business Category and Bank Statement Types
18. Describe the available reports and standard inquiries in Cash Management
19. Explain the Cash Management Interfaces

 Module 1: Oracle Cash Management Overview
  • Explaining the key concepts of cash pools, cash positioning, and cash forecasting
  • Describing the key concepts of reconciling bank accounts
  • Describing the bank account model
  • Creating security profiles
  • Creating security grants
  • Explaining how security works in Oracle Cash Management
  • Describing how to set up Oracle Cash Management
  • Describing how to set up related applications
  • Describing how to set up Oracle General Ledger
  • Defining bank account signing authorities
  • Creating bank accounts
  • Defining banks
  • Defining bank branches
  • Defining bank transactions codes
  • Creating a bank account transfer template
  • Describing how to set up bank transfers
  • Creating bank statement cashflows
  • Settling a bank transfer
  • Creating a bank transfer
  • Entering bank statements manually
  • Reviewing and correcting bank statement errors
  • Entering and importing bank statements
  • Describing the Bank Statement Open Interface
  • Explaining archiving and purging
  • Clearing and unclearing transactions
  • Reconciling bank statements manually and automatically
  • Recording exceptions and reversals
  • Transferring bank reconciliation transactions to your general ledger
  • Reconciling corrections and adjustments to bank errors
  • Updating cash pools
  • Creating cash pools
  • Viewing cash pools
  • Generating cash positions from worksheets
  • Creating cash positioning worksheets
  • Generating a cash leveling proposal
  • Viewing cash positions in Discoverer
  • Viewing cash position results
  • Exporting cash position results to your spreadsheet application
  • Exporting a cash forecast to your spreadsheet application
  • Identifying implementation considerations
  • Defining a cash forecast template
  • Generating a cash forecast
  • Using cash forecasting reports
  • Modifying a cash forecast
  • Describing the key concepts of Oracle Subledger Accounting
  • Describing the accounting flow in Oracle Cash Management
  • Describing how to set up Oracle Subledger Accounting for Cash Management
  • Creating manual journal entries
  • Maintaining bank account balances
  • Creating reports for interest calculations and account balances
  • Creating interest rate schedules

R12.2 Oracle Cash Management Fundamentals Course Prerequisites:

1. Knowledge of financial transactions and data entry
2. Working knowledge of the Windows operating system
3. Working knowledge of technology and databases
4. Understanding of Oracle 11i or R12 financials
5. Working knowledge of General Ledger (GL)
6. Understanding of data structures and hierarchies
7. Working knowledge of XML, SQL and PL/SQL

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