R12.2.9 Oracle Implement Configurator

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

R12.2.9 Oracle Implement Configurator Course Overview:

The R12.2.9 Oracle Implement Configurator certification is a specialized acknowledgment that verifies the expertise essential for the implementation, deployment, and administration of the Oracle EBS configurator module. This credential underscores the individual’s competence in navigating intricate product configuration logistics, empowering enterprises to effectively oversee customizable products and enhance sales. Its significance lies in aiding industries in handling intricate scenarios, facilitating instantaneous decision-making, and managing diverse variables within the production cycle. Particularly prevalent in manufacturing and sales sectors, this certification optimizes sales order and manufacturing workflows, minimizes inaccuracies, and augments overall operational efficacy.

Intended Audience:

• Oracle Configurator developers implementing R12.2.9
• Experienced Oracle implementers upgrading to R12.2.9
• Application support personnel overseeing Oracle Configurator operations
• Project managers and project team members handling R12.2.9 projects
• System integrators working with Oracle Configurator R12.2.9
• IT professionals aiming to garner advanced knowledge about Oracle Configurator R12.2.9.

Learning Objectives of R12.2.9 Oracle Implement Configurator:

The primary learning objectives of the R12.2.9 Oracle Implement Configurator course encompass a comprehensive understanding and successful implementation of the configurator module within the Oracle E-Business Suite. Participants will acquire the skills necessary to proficiently establish and administer model structures, define UI design guidelines, and craft configuration models tailored to efficient fulfillment of business requisites. Emphasis will be placed on grasping integration points with other Oracle applications. Moreover, participants will enhance their ability to construct model representations, navigate runtime setup intricacies, and comprehend the nuances of restrictive rules. Effective management of model publications will also be covered. Upon course completion, attendees should possess the competence to effectively create and sustain Oracle configurator models, coupled with a deepened understanding of the configurator’s intricate functionality and architectural underpinnings.

 Module 1: About This Course

 Module 2: Implementation Overview

 Module 3: Configuration Models Overview

 Module 4: Configurations Overview

 Module 5: Getting Started with Oracle Configurator Developer, Part 1

 Module 6: Getting Started with Oracle Configurator Developer, Part 2

 Module 7: About Configurator Data, Part 1

 Module 8: About Configurator Data, Part 2

 Module 9: Preparing Inventory Data

 Module 10: Preparing BOM Model and Rule Data

 Module 11: Importing Data

 Module 12: Verifying Data

 Module 13: About Configuration Models

 Module 14: About Properties

 Module 15: Creating Model Structure, Part 1

 Module 16: Creating Model Structure, Part 2

 Module 17: Working with Model Structure, Part 1

 Module 18: Working with Model Structure, Part 2

 Module 19: Testing Model Structure

 Module 20: About Configuration Rules

 Module 21: Rule Creation

 Module 22: Logic Rules

 Module 23: Testing Configuration Rules

 Module 24: Numeric Rules

 Module 25: Compatibility Rules

 Module 26: Comparison Rules

 Module 27: Statement Rules

 Module 28: Connectivity and Network Models

 Module 29: User Interfaces

 Module 30: Publishing Configuration Models

 Module 31: Configurator Extensions

 Module 32: Configurator Extension Command Events

 Module 33: Course Summary

R12.2.9 Oracle Implement Configurator Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of Oracle E-Business Suite
• Comprehensive knowledge of Oracle Configurator Developer
• Familiarity with PL/SQL and XML
• Knowledge of Oracle Applications R12 Implement Oracle Workflow
• Prior experience in R12.X Oracle Configurator modeling
• Understanding of R12.x Oracle E-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers.

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