Provisioning and Administering the Oracle Analytics Cloud

Duration : 1 Day (8 Hours)

Provisioning and Administering the Oracle Analytics Cloud Course Overview:

The Provisioning and Administering Oracle Analytics Cloud certification validates the proficiency in implementing Oracle Analytics Cloud solutions. It encompasses knowledge and skills in provisioning, administering, and creating environments using Oracle Analytics Cloud. This certification covers various areas, including system management, security, analytics solution creation, data loading, and data modeling. Industries utilize this certification to verify the expertise of IT professionals in efficiently leveraging Oracle’s Analytics suite for actionable business insights. It is particularly valuable for industries dealing with massive data management and those aiming to enhance their decision-making process through data-driven insights. Holding this certification demonstrates the ability to effectively implement and manage Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Intended Audience:

  1. Database Administrators
  2. Oracle Cloud users
  3. IT professionals responsible for managing cloud services
  4. Business Analysts and consultants
  5. System Analysts
  6. Technical team heads
  7. Data Scientists
  8. Professionals seeking to enhance knowledge in Oracle Analytics Cloud

Learning Objectives of Provisioning and Administering the Oracle Analytics Cloud:

The learning objectives of the Provisioning and Administering the Oracle Analytics Cloud course include:

  1. Understanding Oracle Analytics Cloud Service architecture.
  2. Provisioning and administering Oracle Analytics Cloud Service instances.
  3. Managing users and roles within Oracle Analytics Cloud.
  4. Configuring and managing Oracle Analytics Cloud Service.
  5. Comparing different deployment models for Oracle Analytics Cloud.
  6. Adopting efficient ways to migrate on-premises Oracle BI content to Oracle Analytics Cloud.
  7. Backing up and restoring content in Oracle Analytics Cloud.
  8. Troubleshooting common issues related to provisioning and administering Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Oracle Analytics Cloud: Overview

  1. Explain the Features of Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)
  2. Differentiate Between the Various Editions of OAC
  3. Identify the Components that Make OAC
  4. Identify the Users, Roles, and Privileges of OAC

Provisioning Oracle Analytics Cloud Service 5. Explain a Typical Oracle Analytics Cloud Service Workflow

  1. Discuss Oracle Analytics Cloud Service Provisioning
  2. Access Oracle Analytics Cloud Service

Oracle Analytics Cloud: Data Visualization 8. Understand How Data Visualization Works

  1. Search & Use Oracle Ask
  2. Describe Data Flows

Oracle Analytics Cloud: Essbase 11. Explain the Features and Benefits of Oracle Analytics Cloud: Essbase

  1. Provision and Access Oracle Analytics Cloud: Essbase
  2. Create and Manage Essbase Cubes
  3. Work with Cubes in Cube Designer
  4. Explain CLI Interfaces, Essbase Functions, Commands, and MDX
  5. Define Scenario Modeling

Oracle Analytics Cloud: Accessing a Data Lake 17. What is Data Lake

  1. Oracle’s Storage Solution
  2. Oracle Analytics Cloud Data Lake Key Features
  3. Oracle Analytics Cloud Data Lake Flow
  4. Connecting to Big Data Cloud
  5. Oracle Analytics Cloud Dataset – Visualization

Oracle Analytics Cloud: Reporting 23. Build Pixel Perfect Reports

  1. Load Data to Cloud
  2. Build a Data Model

Oracle Analytics Cloud: Machine Learning 26. What is Machine Learning

  1. Overview of Capabilities
  2. Algorithms and Techniques
  3. Creating a Model Data Flow
  4. Model Evaluation Techniques
  5. Applying Model
  6. Building and Uploading Custom Scripts

Oracle Analytics Cloud: Migrating and Administering Content 33. Migrate BI Content Between Oracle Analytics Cloud Services

  1. Migrate BI Content to Oracle Analytics Cloud
  2. Manage Oracle Analytics Cloud Services
  3. Troubleshoot

Provisioning and Administering the Oracle Analytics Cloud Course Prerequisites:

• Understanding of cloud concepts
• Familiarity with Oracle solutions
• Basic knowledge in creating and managing Oracle service instances
• Proficiency in WebLogic Server
• Knowledge of Oracle Analytics Cloud service functionality
• Basic understanding of Essbase and Business Intelligence applications
• Experience in data analytics and visualization.

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