Primavera Unifier: Administration Rel 17

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

Primavera Unifier: Administration Rel 17 Course Overview:

The Primavera Unifier Administration Rel 17 training course offered by Oracle provides an in-depth overview and introduction to the Unifier tool for administrators. The course equips administrators with the necessary information and skills to work with and manage a complete Unifier deployment.

During the training, administrators will learn about user roles, enabling them to create and manage applications, set up security measures, and establish collaborative workspaces. Additionally, participants will gain insights into generating reports to analyze project data effectively.

Through hands-on training, administrators will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Unifier architecture and its various functions. They will learn how to troubleshoot issues that may arise and optimize the setup for maximum efficiency.

Intended Audience:

The target audience for Primavera Unifier Rel 17 training are administration teams of any size looking to improve their day-to-day business practices
This training provides the skills needed to develop and maintain organizational project information with sophistication and accuracy
These teams will require knowledge of process, procedure and financial strategies in order to use Unifier and its suite of tools for project management
This training is invaluable for organizations of any size looking to eliminate manual actions and improve collaboration amongst team members
With this training, teams can reduce project costs, ensure accurate reporting and ensure projects remain on time and on budget

Learning Objectives of Primavera Unifier: Administration Rel 17

1. Become familiar with the Primavera Unifier application and its navigation.
2. Summarize the data structure of Unifier and how it stores documents and business data.
3. Identify and create the different user interface elements such as dashboards and reports.
4. Design and maintain layouts and permissions to control user access.
5. Utilize Security Classes to manage user data.
6. Identify administrative tools such as Workflows and Subscriptions.
7. Explain how Unifier interacts with other Primavera applications.
8. Create Chart of Accounts and WBS when necessary.
9. Assess and create project management components, such as Budgets and Resource Assignments.
10. Understand and create Workflow, Approval processes and Accounting rules.

 Module 1: Navigation
  • Exploring Landing Pages and Navigation Tabs
  • Describing Modes
  • Defining Concepts of Company Relationships
  • Prerequisites for Partner Companies
  • Adding/Removing Partner Companies
  • Methods for Adding Owner and Partner Company Users
  • Creating/Maintaining Groups
  • Assigning Users to Groups
  • Assigning Group Permissions
  • Permission Categories and Levels
  • Permission Sets
  • Logs
  • Shell Types
  • Types of Templates
  • Assigning Permissions
  • Action Items
  • Transmittals Setup
  • Email Val;idation

  • Updating Users
  • Updating Groups
  • Design and Development
  • Package Checklist
  • Error Check

Primavera Unifier: Administration Rel 17 Course Prerequisites:

In order to take the Primavera Unifier: Administration Rel 17 Training course, you must have a basic understanding of Oracle Primavera Unifier (previous versions also recommended), and a minimum of 3-6 months of hands-on experience using the product. Prior experience with the Windows operating system and basic web browser navigation is also recommended.

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