Primavera Project Planner

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Primavera Project Planner Course Overview:

The Primavera Project Planner certification establishes credibility in utilizing Oracle’s project lifecycle management software, Primavera. This tool excels in efficiently overseeing and executing large, intricate projects, benefiting industries like construction, aerospace, utilities, and oil and gas. Certified professionals possess comprehensive proficiency in project, resource, and portfolio management. The certification enhances expertise in project management, bolstering employability and facilitating career growth.

Intended Audience:

  • Project managers seeking to efficiently plan, manage, and control projects.
  • Engineers and construction professionals looking to acquire advanced project management skills.
  • Software professionals aiming to enhance their project planning capabilities.
  • Business analysts requiring knowledge for resource planning and tracking.
  • Graduates aspiring to pursue a career in project management.
  • Organizations looking to streamline their project processes.

Learning Objectives of Primavera Project Planner:

The learning objectives of the Primavera Project Planner course are designed to empower participants with a comprehensive skill set in project management using Primavera P6 software. By the end of the course, participants will achieve the following proficiencies:

  1. Fundamentals of Project Management: Participants will grasp the foundational principles and concepts of project management, laying a strong groundwork for effective project planning and execution.
  2. Project Planning and Control: Through hands-on training with Primavera P6, participants will learn to create, plan, and control projects, gaining practical experience in project management workflows.
  3. Project Creation and Activity Management: Participants will acquire the skills to create projects, add activities, and establish relationships between tasks, facilitating structured project scheduling.
  4. Resource Allocation and Management: Students will learn to assign and manage resources within projects, ensuring optimal utilization and alignment with project goals.
  5. Adaptation to Schedule Delays and Risks: Participants will understand how to adapt project plans in response to schedule delays and risks, enabling effective risk mitigation strategies.
  6. Portfolio Analysis: The course will equip participants with the ability to analyze project portfolios, facilitating strategic decision-making and resource allocation.
  7. Cost Analysis and Optimization: Participants will not only learn to analyze project costs but also optimize project plans for enhanced cost efficiency.
  8. Multiple Project Management: Students will gain insights into effectively managing multiple projects simultaneously, enhancing their multitasking and project oversight capabilities.
  9. ‘What-If’ Scenario Functionality: The course will introduce participants to the ‘what-if’ scenario functionality within Primavera P6, enabling them to simulate various project scenarios for improved decision-making.

Through a combination of theoretical understanding and practical application, participants will emerge from the course with the skills and knowledge needed to proficiently utilize Primavera P6 software, resulting in more efficient project management practices and better project outcomes.

 Module 1: Understand the fundamentals of project management

 Module 2: Define a project and coding structures

 Module 3: Define and assign calendars

 Module 4: Add and organise activity data

 Module 5: Develop a project network with precedence relationships

 Module 6: Perform schedule calculations

 Module 7: Apply constraints to a schedule

 Module 8: Customise the project layout

 Module 9: Assign resources and costs to a project

 Module 10: Create a target schedule

 Module 11: Enter status data to update a schedule

 Module 12: Produce project output

Primavera Project Planner Course Prerequisites:

• Basic knowledge of project management principles
• Familiarity with Windows OS interfaces
• Understanding of project planning and scheduling concepts
• Experience in using project management tools (preferably Oracle Primavera)
• A strong foundation in cost and resource planning.

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