Primavera Contract Management R14

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Primavera Contract Management R14 Course Overview:

The Primavera Contract Management R14 certification acknowledges proficiency in contract and project management using Oracle’s Primavera software, validating skills in project control, document management, cost, and dispute control. Industries like construction, engineering, and energy leverage it for streamlined operations and precise contract/project management, affirming high expertise and the ability to enhance project success, cost-efficiency, and industry benefits.

Intended Audience:

• Project managers seeking to improve contract administration skills
• Contract administrators aiming to optimize contract processes
• Construction managers looking for efficient contract management solutions
• Professionals in engineering and construction industries
• Businesses using Primavera for their contract management needs
• IT professionals tasked with implementing Primavera in their companies

Learning Objectives of Primavera Contract Management R14:

The learning objectives of the Primavera Contract Management R14 course are to equip attendees with a comprehensive grasp of utilizing the software for efficient contract management. Participants will gain insights into its prominent features, workflow, and customization possibilities aligned with distinct business needs. Training will encompass creating, tracking, and overseeing contracts, change orders, purchase orders, and associated project documents. Additionally, the course will emphasize communication enhancement, risk mitigation, and on-time, budget-friendly project delivery techniques. The curriculum includes imparting skills in utilizing reporting functions to analyze project performance.

 Module 1: Creating the Company Directory

  • Adding a New Company
  • Copying Contacts

 Module 2: Creating a Project

  • Defining the Project

 Module 3: Managing Drawings

  • Adding a Document
  • Recording Revisions
  • Using Transmittals

 Module 4: Logging and Tracking Submittals

  • Creating a Submittal
  • Defining Workflow
  • Tracking Approvals

 Module 5: Recording Project Communication

  • Daily Reports
  • Meeting Minutes

 Module 6: Managing Costs

  • Using the Cost Worksheet
  • Defining Cost Codes

 Module 7: Managing Contracts

  • Budgeted and Committed Contracts
  • Creating a Purchase Order
  • Creating a Trend Document

 Module 8: Using Change Management

  • Documenting Quotes
  • Completing Negotiations

 Module 9: Managing Payment Requisitions

  • Schedule of Values
  • Retainage
  • Updating and Certifying a Requisition

 Module 10: Using the Safety Module

  • Recording a Violation
  • Generating an Injury or Illness Report

 Module 11: Connecting to a P6 Schedule

  • Linking to P6
  • Documents and P6 Dates

Primavera Contract Management R14 Course Prerequisites:

• Prior understanding of Contract Management concepts
• Basic knowledge of project management
• Familiarity with Primavera software suite
• Experience in the construction or project management industry
• Basic computer proficiency
• Understanding of specifications, drawings, and architectural plans.

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