PeopleSoft Workflow Rel 8.50 Ed 1

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

PeopleSoft Workflow Rel 8.50 Ed 1 Course Overview:

The PeopleSoft Workflow Rel 8.50 Ed 1 certification is a substantiated endorsement of an individual’s capabilities and expertise in the implementation and administration of PeopleSoft applications. It focalizes on the Workflow technology inherent in PeopleSoft, which orchestrates and refines business processes, heightening operational efficiency and output. Industries adopt this certification to ascertain that their IT experts are adept in fully harnessing PeopleSoft tools, thereby augmenting project execution and fine-tuning operational workflows. Certified professionals possess the proficiency to tailor workflows to the distinctive requirements of the business, assuring fluid communication and task management across diverse departments. This certification serves as a hallmark of an individual’s adeptness in optimizing PeopleSoft’s capabilities for seamless business coordination and elevated efficiency.

Intended Audience:

  • Aspiring and current PeopleSoft users and developers
  • IT professionals in search of PeopleSoft Workflow knowledge
  • Project managers supervising PeopleSoft implementations
  • Business analysts aiming to comprehend PeopleSoft applications
  • Administrators desiring comprehensive PeopleSoft system insight
  • Professionals motivated to elevate their ERP proficiency.

Learning Objectives of PeopleSoft Workflow Rel 8.50 Ed 1:

The primary learning objectives of the PeopleSoft Workflow Rel 8.50 Ed 1 course are centered on cultivating a comprehensive understanding of the PeopleSoft enterprise application suite and enhancing adept navigation within it. The curriculum is designed to equip learners with the proficiency to adeptly configure and sustain workflow technology, skillfully oversee business processes, and effectively address intricate business process challenges. Additionally, the course seeks to empower participants with the competencies to utilize application packages, classes, and methods. Moreover, learners will gain expertise in routing and tracking work items and skillfully monitoring workflow processes. Ultimately, the course endeavors to enable participants to facilitate automated business processes seamlessly within the PeopleSoft system, thereby fostering streamlined and efficient operations.

Module 1: Introduction to PeopleSoft Workflow

  1. Describe PeopleSoft Workflow
  2. Identifying Workflow:
    • Rules, Roles, and Routing in Workflow
    • Illustrating the Workflow Architecture
    • Methods for Triggering Workflow

Module 2: Developing Workflow Applications

  1. Analyzing Business Requirements
  2. Diagramming and Documenting the Process Flow
  3. Building Supporting Definitions
  4. Creating Roles and Users
  5. Creating Worklist Records
  6. Creating Events and Routings
  7. Creating Event Triggers
  8. Testing Workflow:
    • Using the Worklist Monitor
    • Testing Workflow Applications

Module 3: Using and Creating Email Routings

  1. Setting Up Default Messages
  2. Sending Messages
  3. Creating Email Routings

Module 4: Using Ad Hoc Notifications

  1. The Purpose of Ad Hoc Notification
  2. Setting Up and Sending Ad Hoc Notification
  3. Creating Component Templates
  4. Creating Generic Templates

Module 5: Using and Creating Route Controls

  1. The Purpose of Route Controls
  2. Creating Route Control Types
  3. Defining Route Control Profiles
  4. Assigning Route Control Profiles to Users
  5. Mapping Route Control Queries

Module 6: Administering Workflow

  1. Monitoring Worklist Volume
  2. Defining and Running Worklist Timeout Process
  3. Running Workflow Reports
  4. Updating Individual Worklist Entries
  5. Archiving Worklists

Module 7: Using Batch Workflow Processing

  1. Creating Batch Workflow Applications
  2. State Records
  3. Reviewing the Application Engine Program
  4. Component Interfaces
  5. Creating Component Interfaces
  6. Instantiating Component Interfaces in Application Engine Programs
  7. Creating Process Definitions

Module 8: Using Virtual Approver

  1. Setting Up Virtual Approver
  2. Implementing Route Controls with Virtual Approver
  3. Creating Worklist Feeds

Module 9: Configuring Approval Framework

  1. Setting Up Approval Framework Process Definitions
  2. Defining Dynamic Approvals
  3. Using the Approval Monitor

PeopleSoft Workflow Rel 8.50 Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

• Basic knowledge of PeopleSoft Architecture
• Understanding of component interface
• Proficiency in PeopleSoft HRMS/HCM 9.1 technology
• Familiarity with PeopleCode
• Prior experience in using PeopleTools
• Knowledge of relational databases and SQL
• Understanding of application design concepts of PeopleSoft applications.

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