PeopleSoft PS / nVision for General Ledger Rel 9.2 Ed 3

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

PeopleSoft PS / nVision for General Ledger Rel 9.2 Ed 3 Course Overview:

The PeopleSoft PS/nVision for General Ledger Rel 9.2 Ed 3 certification validates an individual’s mastery of PeopleSoft’s accounting software, pivotal for precise financial management. It facilitates the analysis, reporting, and distribution of crucial financial data, ensuring effective processing of organizational finances. Industries utilize this certification to evaluate employee competence or prospective hires’ skills in utilizing the software for general ledger responsibilities. These encompass journal entry, financial statement generation, account and business unit management, and ledger balance creation. This certification guarantees comprehensive proficiency in these functions, enhancing overall financial management within the organization.

Intended Audience:

• Finance professionals who manage general ledger operations
• IT professionals working on PeopleSoft implementations
• ERP consultants specializing in PeopleSoft applications
• Corporate finance teams seeking to automate financial processes
• Accounting professionals looking to enhance reporting capabilities
• PeopleSoft end-users wanting to upgrade skills and increase software proficiency.

Learning Objectives of PeopleSoft PS / nVision for General Ledger Rel 9.2 Ed 3:

Upon successful completion of the PeopleSoft PS/nVision for General Ledger Rel 9.2 Ed 3 certification training, participants will have gained the expertise to proficiently create and oversee financial reports through the nVision package. A comprehensive grasp of the General Ledger system, encompassing chart fields, ledgers, and business units, will be attained. They will be highly skilled in generating, processing, and resolving issues related to nVision reports, effectively troubleshooting data discrepancies, and overseeing drill-down and layout reports. Additionally, a strong understanding of Business Process Maps for General Ledger will be cultivated.

 Module 1: Course and Technology Overview

  • Objectives
  • Agenda
  • Describing PS/nVision
  • Describing PeopleSoft Reporting Tools

 Module 2: Planning to Implement PS/nVision

  • Describing the Ledger table
  • Describing TimeSpans
  • Describing PeopleSoft Trees

 Module 3: Developing PS/nVision Reports

  • Describing PS/nVision Components
  • Describing PS/nVision Report Creation Steps
  • Planning the PS/nVision Layout
  • Building the PS/nVision Layout
  • Defining and Running Report Requests

 Module 4: Building PS/nVision Reports with Variables and Labels

  • Setting Up PS/nVision Variables
  • Combining Text with PS/nVision Variables
  • Using the Text Function
  • Using Variables on the Report Request
  • Setting Up Date and Time Stamps
  • Setting Up Report Labels

 Module 5: Using nPlosion

  • Defining nPlosion
  • Copying Formulas
  • Using nPlosion Features
  • Using the nPlosion Variable
  • Setting Up Advanced nPlosion Options

 Module 6: Using Scopes and Scope Variables

  • Defining Scopes
  • Setting Up Scope Variables
  • Combine PS/nVision Scope Variables
  • Defining the Scope Descriptive Field (DES) Variable
  • Using Scopes with Multiple Fields

 Module 7: Implementing Summary Ledgers

  • Analyzing Summary Ledger Requirements
  • Setting Up Summary Ledgers
  • Running Summary Ledgers
  • Describing Detail Versus Summary Ledger Reporting
  • Defining Summary Trees
  • Defining Summary Trees
  • Translating Summary Ledgers to Detail

 Module 8: Using DrillDown

 Module 9: Using Query Criteria in Matrix Layouts

 Module 10: Using Query Criteria in Tabular Layouts

 Module 11: Using PS/nVision on the Web

  • Defining and Running Report Requests on the Web
  • Using DrillDown on the Web
  • Defining Scopes on the Web
  • Defining Report Books on the Web

 Module 12: Personalizing PS/nVision

  • Using the Nvsuser Home Page
  • Personalizing the Nvsuser Buttons
  • Setting Report Preferences
  • Personalizing the Drill Menu and Toolbar
  • Personalizing Style Sheets

 Module 13: Final Course Activities and Course Review

  • Describing PS/nVision
  • Panning PS/nVision Reports
  • Developing and Building PS/nVision Reports
  • Running Multiple PS/nVision Reports
  • Personalizing PS/nVision Nvsuser

 Module 14: Appendices

  • PS/nVision Variables and Labels Quick Reference Guide
  • PS/nVision Reference Material
  • Excel Pivot Tables

PeopleSoft PS / nVision for General Ledger Rel 9.2 Ed 3 Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of General Ledger concepts
  • Knowledge of the PeopleSoft application
  • Familiarity with PS/nVision toolset
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Experience in financial reporting and analysis
  • Comfortable with PeopleSoft Query and SQL
  • Access to PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 23 or later.

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