PeopleSoft PeopleTools Server Admin and DPK Install Ed 1

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

PeopleSoft PeopleTools Server Admin and DPK Install Ed 1 Course Overview:

The PeopleSoft PeopleTools Server Admin and DPK Install Ed 1 certification is a specialized and widely recognized qualification that attests to an individual’s mastery in the deployment, maintenance, and resolution of issues within PeopleSoft applications. Centered on efficient server management and Deployment Packages (DPK) installation, it caters to industries reliant on Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications, assuring their IT experts possess requisite skills for intricate server landscapes. Encompassing fundamental facets of PeopleTools server administration—comprising server oversight, DPK installation, performance monitoring, and effective troubleshooting—this certification is esteemed as an assurance of the candidate’s adeptness in navigating the intricate technical dimensions of the PeopleSoft environment.

Intended Audience:

  • System administrators aiming to elevate their technical competencies
  • IT professionals tasked with PeopleSoft application management
  • Server administrators seeking advanced knowledge in DPK installations
  • Technicians aspiring to master optimal server administration practices
  • Current PeopleSoft users desiring to refresh and enhance their PeopleTools proficiency.

Learning Objectives of PeopleSoft PeopleTools Server Admin and DPK Install Ed 1:

The PeopleSoft PeopleTools Server Admin and DPK Install Ed 1 course aims to empower students with essential skills and knowledge to proficiently oversee, operate, and deploy PeopleSoft applications. This encompasses comprehensive learning of server administration console utilization, adept management of application server domains, and skillful control of process schedulers. Additionally, students will garner expertise in configuring and supervising diverse PeopleSoft performance utilities, with a focal point on DPK installations. The overarching objective is to equip students with self-reliance in tasks spanning system troubleshooting, technical upgrades, and fine-tuning application performance, thus facilitating adept and autonomous management of PeopleSoft environments.

 Module 1: Using DPK to Install PeopleSoft Applications

  • Installing a Fresh Application
  • Installing with User-created Database
  • Installing the PeopleSoft Homes
  • Installing Database
  • Setting Up Windows Workstations

 Module 2: Installing PeopleSoft Databases

  • Running the Database Configuration Wizard
  • Using Data Mover to Load the Database
  • Performing Post Database Installation Testing

 Module 3: Installing Oracle Tuxedo and WebLogic

  • Installing Tuxedo
  • Installing Tuxedo and WebLogic

 Module 4: Creating and Configuring Application Server Domains

  • Creating and Testing a Domain Configuration
  • Starting and Stopping Domains
  • Testing a Domain

 Module 5: Administering Application Servers

  • Working with the Tuxedo Command Line (tmadmin)
  • Using PSADMIN to Reconfigure a Domain
  • Configuring SSL for Workstation Listener and Jolt Listener
  • Working with Multiple PS_CFG_HOME Locations

 Module 6: Setting Up Batch Environment through DPK and PSADMIN

  • Creating Process Scheduler Domains

 Module 7: Installing and Configuring PeopleSoft Internet Architecture

  • Installing the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture
  • Configuring the Browser Connection
  • Installing PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture in Silent Mode
  • Using PSADMIN to Manage PIA Domains and Sites
  • Modifying Configuration Options to Change PeopleSoft Internet Architecture Behavior
  • Installing Multiple PeopleSoft Internet Architecture Domains and Sites
  • Using Load Balancing and Fail-Over Features for PeopleSoft Internet Architecture

 Module 8: Configuring the Batch Environment

  • Modifying Process Scheduler Domain Configuration Settings

 Module 9: Running Processes with Process Scheduler

  • Launching Processes
  • Using the Process Monitor
  • Load Balancing with the Master Scheduler

 Module 10: Applying PeopleTools Release

  • Applying Patch to Database
  • Deploying the New Release in Midtier mode
  • Creating the Customization File

 Module 11: Customizing a PeopleSoft Environment

  • Customizing Component Installations Locations
  • Customizing PeopleSoft Domain Definitions

 Module 12: Installing Elasticseach and Configuring PeopleSoft Search Framework

  • Installing Elasticsearch
  • Setting up PeopleSoft Integration Broker for PeopleSoft Search Framework
  • Integrating PeopleSoft and Elasticsearch

 Module 13: Deploying Search Definitions and Building Search Indexes

  • Building Search Indexes
  • Working with Incremental Index Updates

 Module 14: Configuring End User Search Options

  • Enabling Global Search
  • Enabling Keyword Search

 Module 15: Managing an Elasticsearch Cluster

  • Setting Up a Cluster
  • Managing a Cluster
  • Using the Elasticsearch Interact Page

 Module 16: Managing and Troubleshooting an Implementation

  • Locating and Using PeopleSoft Log and Trace Files
  • Using PeopleSoft Ping

 Module 17: Selecting Cache Options

  • Creating Preload Cache Projects
  • Configuring Database Cache
  • Loading Server Cache with All Definitions
  • Additional Cache Settings

PeopleSoft PeopleTools Server Admin and DPK Install Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

• Knowledge of PeopleSoft architecture and functionality
• Basic understanding of server administration and database management systems
• Skills in installing and configuring PeopleSoft environments
• Familiarity with PeopleTools suite
• Experience in deployment packages (DPK) implementation
• Basic understanding of web server functioning
• Knowledge of Virtualization and Cloud infrastructure.

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