PeopleSoft PeopleTools I / II Accelerated Ed 1

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

PeopleSoft PeopleTools I / II Accelerated Ed 1 Course Overview:

The PeopleSoft PeopleTools I / II Accelerated Ed 1 Certification is a technical credential that validates a candidate’s proficiency with PeopleTools, a crucial element in PeopleSoft applications. This certification covers basic concepts such as PeopleTools architecture, application designer, application engine, and PeopleCode. Industries utilize it to ensure that their IT professionals possess the needed skills for developing and customizing PeopleSoft applications. By obtaining this certification, a professional demonstrates an understanding of how to use PeopleTools for data modeling, interface design, process automation and report generation, thus, ensuring efficiency and productivity in the utilization of PeopleSoft applications.

Intended Audience:

• IT professionals seeking to develop or improve skills in PeopleTools.
• Tech enthusiasts aiming to leverage PeopleTools for business solutions.
• Software developers or programmers interested in database management.
• Computer Science students looking for specialized study areas.
• Individuals interested in PeopleSoft applications and software.

Learning Objectives of PeopleSoft PeopleTools I / II Accelerated Ed 1:

The key learning objectives of the PeopleSoft PeopleTools I / II Accelerated Ed 1 course are to equip students with comprehensive knowledge of PeopleSoft architecture and its main application development tools. Participants will learn how to use Application Designer, Application Engine, and Tree Manager. They will also learn to create and manage tables, write SQL statements, design and implement PeopleSoft Classic pages, and to utilize the Process Scheduler. The course is expected to improve participants’ understanding of security implementation and instill the skills to troubleshoot various system issues. The ultimate goal of this program is to enable participants to build and customize PeopleSoft applications efficiently.

 Module 1: Describing PeopleSoft Applications

 Module 2: Navigating PeopleSoft Applications

 Module 3: Explaining PeopleSoft Architecture

 Module 4: Validating Data

 Module 5: Using Application Designer to Develop Applications

 Module 6: Designing the Application

 Module 7: Defining Fields

 Module 8: Creating Record Definitions

 Module 9: Building SQL Tables

 Module 10: Creating Page Definitions

 Module 11: Defining Components

 Module 12: Registering Components

 Module 13: Testing Applications

 Module 14: Editing the Portal Registry Structure

 Module 15: Creating Menu Definitions

 Module 16: Analyzing the Impact of Design Changes

 Module 17: Building Classic Applications

 Module 18: Understanding the Fluid User Interface

 Module 19: Working with Fluid Homepages

 Module 20: Creating Fluid Pages

 Module 21: Working with Fluid Components

 Module 22: Testing Fluid Applications

 Module 23: Using Delivered CSS

 Module 24: Using Views in PeopleSoft Applications

 Module 25: Creating Summary Pages Using Views

 Module 26: Creating and Using Search Records

 Module 27: Implementing Search Pages for Fluid Applications

 Module 28: Using Views as Prompt Table Edits

 Module 29: Explaining TableSet Sharing

 Module 30: Creating Parent-Child Relationships

 Module 31: Explaining Buffer Allocation

 Module 32: Creating Subrecords and Subpages

 Module 33: Using Deferred Processing

 Module 34: Introducing PeopleCode in PeopleSoft Applications

 Module 35: Using Images in PeopleSoft Applications

 Module 36: Creating and Using Style Sheets

PeopleSoft PeopleTools I / II Accelerated Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

• Basic familiarity with the PeopleSoft Internet architecture
• Understanding of SQL and relational databases
• Previous experience with PeopleSoft applications
• Knowledge of object-oriented programming
• Familiarity with application development lifecycle
• Skills in website development and HTML coding
• Experience with Oracle Database technology.

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