PeopleSoft Payables Rel 9.2 Ed 2

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

PeopleSoft Payables Rel 9.2 Ed 2 Course Overview:

The PeopleSoft Payables Rel 9.2 Ed 2 certification confirms proficiency in utilizing, configuring, and overseeing PeopleSoft Payables software. This vital Enterprise Resource Planning application streamlines company-wide financial transactions, essential across industries. By leveraging this tool, businesses enhance processes, manage supplier relationships, and efficiently handle accounts payable operations. The certification attests to an individual’s in-depth grasp of system features, validating their capacity to execute critical financial responsibilities. It’s frequently required for accounting and financial positions in diverse industries.

Intended Audience:

• Financial accountants
• Account payable professionals
• ERP professionals
• PeopleSoft application administrators
• Financial analysts
• Business analysts
• IT professionals involved in account payable processes
• ERP consultants
• Project Managers working with PeopleSoft applications.

Learning Objectives of PeopleSoft Payables Rel 9.2 Ed 2:

The main learning objectives for the PeopleSoft Payables Rel 9.2 Ed 2 course encompass the following key categories:

  1. Comprehensive Understanding: Gain an in-depth comprehension of the accounts payable process and its critical role within financial management.
  2. Transaction Mastery: Develop proficiency in executing payables transactions, including vendor setup, voucher creation and management, and generating accounts payable reports.
  3. Efficient Software Utilization: Learn to navigate and effectively utilize the features and functionalities of the PeopleSoft Payables software.
  4. Optimal System Utilization: Acquire the ability to fully leverage the system for seamless payables operations, efficient cash management, and improved vendor relationships.
  5. Enhanced Proficiency and Productivity: All these objectives collectively contribute to enhancing your proficiency and productivity in managing the payables function within your organization.

 Module 1: Setting Up Core Tables

  • Setting Installation Options
  • Establishing User Preferences
  • Defining ChartFields
  • Securing ChartFields
  • Creating Locations
  • Setting Up Sales and Use Tax Defaults and Options

 Module 2: Setting Up Payables Business Units

  • Identifying PeopleSoft General Ledger Business Units
  • Creating a PeopleSoft Payables Definition
  • Modifying PeopleSoft Payables Options
  • Utilizing TableSets

 Module 3: Defining Banks

  • Identifying Common Banking Terms
  • Identifying the Basic Steps of Bank Setup
  • Defining Banks
  • Setting Up Bank Branches
  • Defining External Accounts

 Module 4: Setting up Payment Data

  • Entering Payment Terms
  • Setting up Additional Payment Data
  • Defining Bank Replacement Rules

 Module 5: Adding Suppliers

  • Explaining Suppliers
  • Establishing Supplier Information
  • Adding Suppliers
  • Explaining Supplier Conversations

 Module 6: Approving, Updating, and Inactivating Suppliers

  • Approving Suppliers
  • Updating and Reviewing Supplier Name History
  • Defining Supplier Audit
  • Inactivating Suppliers
  • Using the Supplier Administration Center

 Module 7: Processing Supplier Onboarding

  • Configuring Supplier Registration
  • Registering, Managing, and Approving Suppliers
  • Registering Online
  • Managing Invitations
  • Managing Approvals
  • Review Registration History

 Module 8: Defining Miscellaneous Data

  • Entering Miscellaneous Data
  • Setting up On-Demand Processing

 Module 9: Creating Vouchers

  • Identifying Voucher Basics
  • Identifying Voucher Types
  • Creating Quick Invoice Entries
  • Uploading Vouchers Manually
  • Related Procurement Documents
  • Personalizing Inquiries

 Module 10: Creating Payment Requests

  • Explaining Payment Request
  • Setting Up the Payment Request Template
  • Using the Payment Request Center

 Module 11: Processing Vouchers

  • Creating Accounting Entry Templates
  • Posting, Closing, Unposting, and Deleting Vouchers
  • Correcting Voucher Errors
  • Approving Vouchers
  • Viewing Open Liabilities

 Module 12: Utilizing Control Groups

  • Creating Control Groups
  • Deleting a Control Group
  • Running the Control Group Register

 Module 13: Creating Voucher Contracts

  • Describing Voucher Contracts
  • Establishing Contract Set Controls
  • Defining Voucher Contracts
  • Closing Voucher Contracts
  • Processing Batch Vouchers
  • Reviewing Events

 Module 14: Matching and Landed Cost

  • Identifying Matching
  • Entering Match Rules and Tolerances
  • Defining Matching
  • Defining Landed Costs
  • Running Landed Cost

 Module 15: Creating a PayCycle

  • Identifying Payment Creation Steps
  • Running the Pay Cycle
  • Reviewing Payment Information
  • Viewing Payment References
  • Creating Manual Positive Payments
  • Managing Troubleshooting
  • Posting Payments

 Module 16: Creating and Managing Manual Payments

  • Using Express Checks
  • Creating Manual Payments
  • Canceling Payments
  • Processing Escheated Payments

 Module 17: Creating Journal Entries

  • Creating Accounting Entry Definition
  • Running Journal Generator

PeopleSoft Payables Rel 9.2 Ed 2 Course Prerequisites:

• Familiarity with basic accounting concepts
• Prior experience or understanding of accounts payable process
• Knowledge of PeopleSoft navigation and functionality
• Previous application server experience
• Basic computer literacy and experience with software applications

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