PeopleSoft Human Resources Rel 9.2 Ed 2

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

PeopleSoft Human Resources Rel 9.2 Ed 2 Course Overview:

The PeopleSoft Human Resources Rel 9.2 Ed 2 certification signifies mastery in PeopleSoft Human Resources Management, an all-encompassing HR management system encompassing diverse functions such as workforce management, benefits administration, payroll interface, and more. Proficiency in this certification denotes adeptness in utilizing tools to effectively manage employee data and streamline HR operations. Industries leverage this certification to validate the competencies of their HR teams, guaranteeing proficient utilization of the PeopleSoft system. This enables the optimization of HR workflows, enhancement of data precision, and informed decision-making, thereby fostering elevated business performance.

Intended Audience:

• HR Managers seeking to enhance their team’s efficiency
• HR Consultants aiming for proficiency in PeopleSoft solutions
• IT Professionals dealing with HR related systems
• PeopleSoft end users requiring extensive understanding of the system
• Business Analysts involved in HR processes and system implementation

Learning Objectives of PeopleSoft Human Resources Rel 9.2 Ed 2:

The educational goals of the PeopleSoft Human Resources Rel 9.2 Ed 2 course encompass equipping participants with a holistic comprehension of the PeopleSoft Human Resources solution. Enrollees will attain a foundational grasp of HR infrastructure tables and the adept management of employee data. They will become proficient in configuring company rules and structures, engaging with self-service transactions, overseeing benefits administration, and generating comprehensive HR reports and analytics. Moreover, the course is designed to cultivate proficiencies in navigating payroll, time and labor, recruitment, and succession planning modules. Beyond technical expertise, the curriculum endeavors to foster a holistic grasp of streamlining HR processes to attain peak operational efficiency.

 Module 1: Business Process Overview

  • Describing PeopleSoft HCM Products and Business Processes
  • Describing PeopleSoft Human Resources Core Foundation Tables
  • Describing PeopleSoft Table Setup Considerations
  • Describing Effective Dating and Action Types
  • Describing Sources of Information About PeopleSoft Human Resources

 Module 2: Setting Up Installation Settings and Companies

  • Defining the Installation Table
  • Setting Up the Company Table

 Module 3: Setting Up Business Units and TableSet Sharing

  • Defining Set IDs, Business Units, and TableSet Sharing
  • Establishing User and Business Unit Defaults

 Module 4: Setting Up Establishments, Locations, and Departments

  • Setting Up the Establishment Table
  • Setting Up the Location Table
  • Setting Up the Department Table

 Module 5: Setting Up Compensation

  • Setting Up Compensation Rate Code Data
  • Determining Compensation Rate Code Defaults
  • Determining Worker Compensation
  • Setting Up Salary Plan Tables

 Module 6: Setting Up Jobs and Pay Groups

  • Setting Up the Job Code Table
  • Setting Up the Pay Group Tables

 Module 7: Administering Data Permission Security

  • Describing Data Permission Security
  • Identifying Methods of Granting Data Permission Access
  • Refreshing Security Join Tables

 Module 8: Adding People in the PeopleSoft System

  • Explaining Organizational Relationships
  • Adding a Person in the PeopleSoft System
  • Adding a Job Instance for a Person
  • Explaining Job Level Defaults
  • Defining Job Instances, Relationships, and Employment Record Numbers

 Module 9: Maintaining Person and Job Data

  • Maintaining Historical Information for Your Workforce
  • Managing Personal Data and Job Data
  • Creating Action Reason Codes
  • Entering Termination and Last Date Worked Information
  • Viewing Job Summary Information

 Module 10: Managing Positions

  • Implementing Manage Positions
  • Setting Up Position Data
  • Hiring and Reassigning Workers into Positions
  • Maintaining Position and Employee Data

 Module 11: Using the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface

  • Describing the Human Resources Fluid Tiles and Pages
  • Using Employee Self Service in Fluid
  • Using Manager Sel Service in Fluid

 Module 12: Working with the Company Directory in Fluid

  • Describing the Company Directory Features and Functionality
  • Describing the Company Directory Setup
  • Using the Company Directory

 Module 13: Using the Talent Summary and Manager Dashboards

  • Using the Manageer Dashboard
  • Using the Talent Summary Dashboard

PeopleSoft Human Resources Rel 9.2 Ed 2 Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of HR processes and terminology
• Previous experience with PeopleSoft applications
• Knowledge of SQL and relational database concepts
• Familiarity with PS Query and PeopleTools
• A fundamental understanding of PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) is beneficial.

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