PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management Rel 9.2 Ed 1

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management Rel 9.2 Ed 1 Course Overview:

The PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management Rel 9.2 Ed 1 certification demonstrates mastery in implementing and utilizing PeopleSoft’s comprehensive learning solution. This tool aids organizations in efficiently overseeing, monitoring, and evaluating employee learning, thereby improving workplace performance and ensuring compliance. Encompassing self-service learning, e-learning, classroom training management, and learning analytics, this certification is valuable for industries such as IT, HR, and education, ensuring professionals can effectively manage learning processes. It enables businesses to optimize employee development, meet regulatory obligations, and gauge organizational effectiveness. This certification underscores an individual’s aptitude in these domains and highlights their suitability for roles demanding these specific proficiencies.

Intended Audience:

  • HR professionals seeking to streamline learning management processes
  • IT professionals working with PeopleSoft applications
  • Managers in charge of employee training and development
  • Professionals involved in enterprise resource planning
  • Businesses planning to integrate PeopleSoft Learning Management System

Learning Objectives of PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management Rel 9.2 Ed 1:

The primary goals of the PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management Rel 9.2 Ed 1 course are to provide learners with a comprehensive grasp of effectively overseeing the learning process within an organization utilizing the PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management system. Learners will attain proficiency in tasks such as course creation, management, and tracking, while also acquiring skills to generate reports and analyze learning metrics. Furthermore, participants will become adept at utilizing features like Learning Catalog, Learning Environment, and Learning Requests to enhance employee training and skill development procedures. Additionally, the course aims to acquaint learners with the system’s interface and navigation tools.

 Module 1: Defining System Defaults

 Module 2: Creating Learning Environments

 Module 3: Setting Up Organizations and Learners

 Module 4: Defining Resources

 Module 5: Configuring the System for Online Learning

 Module 6: Creating the Learning Catalog

 Module 7: Defining Classes

 Module 8: Setting Up Sessions, Webcasts, and Assignments

 Module 9: Setting Up Web-based Learning, Tests, and Surveys

 Module 10: Tracking Learner Progress

 Module 11: Creating Curriculum and Certification Programs

 Module 12: Tracking Supplemental Learning

 Module 13: Enrolling Learners

 Module 14: Using Rosters to Manage Enrollment Records

 Module 15: Managing Learning Requests

 Module 16: Using the Learning Home

 Module 17: Using Self-Service Features

 Module 18: Projecting Demand for Training

 Module 19: Meeting French Regulatory Requirements

 Module 20: Creating Classes Using Templates (depending on student interest)

 Module 21: Learning Objectives (depending on student interest)

 Module 22: Payment Methods and Enrollment Fees (depending on student interest)

PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management Rel 9.2 Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

  • Intermediate knowledge of PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management fundamentals
  • Understanding of PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management 9.2 features
  • Familiarity with basic navigation and functionality within PeopleSoft applications
  • Proficiency in relational database management systems
  • Experience in system implementation, especially PeopleSoft applications.

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