PeopleSoft Contracts Ed 2

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

PeopleSoft Contracts Ed 2 Course Overview:

The PeopleSoft Contracts Ed 2 certification is a comprehensive validation of an individual’s knowledge and skills in managing and implementing contracts using PeopleSoft. It covers various concepts, including contract components, billing plans, rate sets, and revenue recognition rules, among others. Professionals seek this certification as a benchmark for their proficiency in the PeopleSoft Contracts module. It is highly recognized and valued by industries due to its relevance to various business processes. Industries leverage this certification to ensure their personnel possess the necessary skills to manage the entire contract life cycle, reduce contractual risks, and enhance overall business performance.

Intended Audience:

• Professionals seeking to enhance their skills in contract management
• Individuals aiming for a career advancement in contract administration
• Business leads responsible for maintaining and storing contract data
• IT professionals in enterprises implementing PeopleSoft Contracts
• End users responsible for managing contractual agreements in PeopleSoft systems.

Learning Objectives of PeopleSoft Contracts Ed 2:

The learning objectives for the PeopleSoft Contracts Ed 2 course are:

  1. Acquiring comprehensive knowledge about Contract Management functionality within PeopleSoft’s system.
  2. Learning to create, maintain, and manage contracts and related transactions.
  3. Understanding the relationship between billing plans and revenue plans.
  4. Applying knowledge in various customer interactions related to contracts.
  5. Handling contract agreements, product pricing, and billing options.
  6. Streamlining processes and simplifying system usage for contract management.
  7. Developing competency in dealing with various types of contracts and their lifecycles.
  8. Understanding the associated business processes for effective contract management.

 Module 1: Understanding the Contracts Business Process

 Module 2: Preparing to Implement Contracts

 Module 3: Setting Up General Control Tables

 Module 4: Setting up Billing and Revenue Processing Attributes

 Module 5: Setting up Contracts and Project Costing Accounting

 Module 6: Setting Up Products and Related Tables

 Module 7: Defining Revenue and Billing Plan Templates

 Module 8: Creating Contracts

 Module 9: Preparing Contracts for Billing

 Module 10: Managing Contract Billing

 Module 11: Managing Prepaid and Recurring Billing

 Module 12: Managing Contract Revenue

 Module 13: Managing Contracts

 Module 14: Managing Renewal Processing

 Module 15: Analyzing Contracts

PeopleSoft Contracts Ed 2 Course Prerequisites:

• Basic knowledge of PeopleSoft applications
• Familiarity with contract management processes
• Understanding of PeopleSoft billing and accounts receivable modules
• Experience in configuring PeopleSoft applications
• Proficiency in using SQL and PS Query
• Hands-on experience with PeopleSoft navigation, including tree structures and data permissions.

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