PeopleSoft Commitment Control

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

PeopleSoft Commitment Control Course Overview:

The PeopleSoft Commitment Control certification showcases an individual’s expertise in managing budgetary transactions in an organization. It offers financial control over budgets through activities such as reserving, committing, obligating, and expending funds. This certification demonstrates a sound understanding of the entire budget process, including defining ledgers, creating budgets, defining control budgets, managing budget journals, and maintaining budget balances. Industries use it to ensure compliance with financial regulations, maintain financial stability, and improve financial forecasting accuracy. This makes it a valuable tool in industries like finance, logistics, and supply chain management, where precise budget control is crucial for effective financial management.

Intended Audience:

  • Finance professionals responsible for budgeting and controlling expenses.
  • PeopleSoft software users who handle financial data and operations.
  • IT professionals responsible for integrating and maintaining PeopleSoft financial systems.
  • Corporate financial administrators seeking to improve their commitment control process.
  • Managers overseeing financial operations and budgeting in businesses using PeopleSoft.

Learning Objectives of PeopleSoft Commitment Control:

The main learning objectives of the PeopleSoft Commitment Control course are to develop a comprehensive understanding of the Commitment Control functionality within the PeopleSoft system. Participants will gain proficiency in setting up and utilizing Commitment Control, integrating it with other applications, and comprehending the various levels of control. The course aims to empower participants to proficiently manage budget checking definitions, validity rules, and source transactions. They will also be trained in analyzing and resolving exceptions, generating budget reports, and understanding the impacts of Commitment Control on the general ledger. The ultimate goal is to equip learners with the skills to effectively use PeopleSoft’s budgeting and commitment control tool.

 Module 1: Business Process Overview
  • Describing the Scope of PeopleSoft Commitment Contro
  • Describing PeopleSoft Commitment Control Terminology
  • Describing PeopleSoft Commitment Control Features and Functions
  • Describing the PeopleSoft Commitment Control Implementation Lifecycle
  • Setting Up Commitment Control Options
  • Describing the PeopleSoft Commitment Control Infrastructure
  • Setting Up Commitment Control Ledgers
  • Copying Budget Definition Setup
  • Setting Up Commitment Control Budget Periods and Translation Trees
  • Setting Up Commitment Control Budget Budget Rules and Attributes
  • Applying Commitment Contol Ledger Groups to a GL Business Unit
  • Establishing Associated Expenditure and Revenue Budgets
  • Describing the Commitment Control Security Setup Steps
  • Identifying the Commitment Control Security ChartField Values
  • Setting Up Security Events
  • Setting Up Security Event Rules
  • Configuring Security Rules for Users
  • Applying Commitment Contol Security to your PeopleSoft System
  • Securing ChartFields
  • Describing the Budget Preparation Process
  • Creating a Commitment Control Budget
  • Creating Budget Journals from a Flat File
  • Performing a Budget Transfer
  • Managing Your Budget
  • Analyzing Your Budget
  • Describing the Budget Checking Process
  • Identifying PeopleSoft Commitment Control Source Transactions
  • Running the Budget Checking Process in PeopleSoft General Ledger
  • Evaluating Budget Checking Statuses
  • Managing Budget Exceptions
  • Describing the Procure-to-Pay Lifecycle Using Commitment Control
  • Defining Journal Classes, Sources and SpeedTypes
  • Preparing a Requisition
  • Managing the Pre-encumbrance Ledger
  • Preparing a Purchase Order
  • Managing the Encumbrance Ledger
  • Preparing a Voucher
  • Managing the Expenditure Ledger
  • Describing the Relationship between PeopleSoft Project Costing and Commitment Contro
  • Describing the Structure of a Project
  • Setting Up a Project
  • Setting Up a Project Budget
  • Creating Project Budget Journals
  • Evaluating Project Transactions
  • Using Funding Source Control
  • Budget Checking Expense Transactions
  • Reviewing Travel Authorization Budget Exceptions
  • Reviewing Expense Report Budget Exceptions
  • Rolling Over Travel Expense Authorization Encumbrances

PeopleSoft Commitment Control Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of PeopleSoft Financials.
  • Understanding of budgeting and expenditure concepts.
  • Familiarity with fund accounting principles.
  • Knowledge of commitment control operations.
  • Previous experience with PeopleSoft applications is preferred.

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