PeopleSoft Application Engine / PeopleCode – Accel Ed 1

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

PeopleSoft Application Engine / PeopleCode – Accel Ed 1 Course Overview:

The PeopleSoft Application Engine/PeopleCode – Accel Ed 1 certification focuses on PeopleSoft’s proprietary programming language, PeopleCode, and the Application Engine, a tool for bulk-processing in the PeopleSoft pure internet architecture. The certification covers various aspects, such as creating, testing, and debugging PeopleCode and Application Engines, managing databases, understanding application design, and working with the component interface. Industries value this certification as it validates professionals’ expertise in developing and customizing PeopleSoft applications to meet specific business requirements. Certified individuals are considered valuable assets for maintaining and improving PeopleSoft environments, showcasing their proficiency in PeopleSoft technology.

Intended Audience:

  • IT Professionals interested in database management
  • Computer Science students seeking industry-oriented knowledge
  • Software developers aiming to broaden their skillset
  • Database administrators aiming to learn PeopleSoft Technology
  • Existing PeopleCode users seeking to advance their skills
  • Tech-industry job seekers aiming to enhance their resume.

Learning Objectives of PeopleSoft Application Engine / PeopleCode – Accel Ed 1:

The main learning objectives of the PeopleSoft Application Engine / PeopleCode – Accel Ed 1 course are to enable students to comprehensively understand how to run and manage Application Engine programs in a PeopleSoft environment. They will learn about PeopleCode, which involves understanding its programming constructs, and use it to write sophisticated PeopleSoft applications. The course also focuses on enabling students to understand the basics of Component Interfaces. By the end of the course, students should be able to create complex PeopleSoft applications using PeopleCode, effectively use the toolset provided in Application Engine, and debug Application Engine programs.

 Module 1: Introducing Application Engine Designer

 Module 2: Using State Records

 Module 3: Incorporating Conditional Processing

 Module 4: Testing and Debugging

 Module 5: Using the Do Select Action

 Module 6: Using PeopleCode with Application Engine

 Module 7: Using Set Processing

 Module 8: Using Temporary Tables

 Module 9: Executing Application Engine Programs

 Module 10: Creating Process Definitions for Application Engine

 Module 11: Importing Data into the PeopleSoft System Using Flat Files

 Module 12: Using PeopleCode Development Tools

 Module 13: Understanding the Component Processor and PeopleCode Events

 Module 14: Writing PeopleCode Programs

 Module 15: Using PeopleCode Variables

 Module 16: Using PeopleCode Built-In Functions

 Module 17: Writing User-Defined Functions

 Module 18: Explaining the Component Buffer

 Module 19: Programming with Object-Oriented PeopleCode

 Module 20: Creating and Using Application Classes

 Module 21: Executing SQL in PeopleCode

 Module 22: Using PeopleCode to Create Charts

PeopleSoft Application Engine / PeopleCode – Accel Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

• Knowledge of basic SQL and relational database concepts
• Familiarity with PeopleSoft interface and application designing
• Understanding of PeopleTools, App Designer, and PeopleCode
• Experience with ERP and application engine programming
• Working knowledge of data mover and component interface
• Proficiency in SQR language

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