Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Troubleshooting Workshop

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Troubleshooting Workshop Course Overview:

The Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Troubleshooting Workshop certification is a specialized program offered by Oracle, designed to equip IT professionals and engineers with the skills to identify and resolve common issues in WebLogic Server 14c. This certification covers troubleshooting methodologies, debugging tools, and solutions for various scenarios. Industries in finance, healthcare, and entertainment rely on this certification to diagnose and resolve operational problems within critical applications efficiently. It provides essential knowledge and skills to troubleshoot real-world performance issues, ensuring seamless connectivity, high uptime, and optimized performance of business operations. Overall, this certification enhances the expertise of professionals working with Oracle databases and applications.

Intended Audience:

  • Oracle database administrators
  • System administrators
  • IT professionals managing databases
  • Individuals seeking to learn Oracle NoSQL
  • Professionals interested in enhancing database management skills
  • Anyone aiming for Oracle NoSQL Administrator certification
  • IT professionals (database administrators, software developers, system administrators)
  • IT consultants specializing in database or system management
  • Professionals with prior knowledge and experience of Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Students pursuing IT or relevant degrees with an interest in server management and troubleshooting.

Learning Objectives of Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Troubleshooting Workshop:

The main learning objectives of the Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Troubleshooting Workshop course are:

  1. Managing Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Participants will gain enhanced competence in managing Oracle WebLogic Server 14c, including server configuration, deployment, and monitoring.
  2. Developing Comprehensive Troubleshooting Skills: Learners will develop advanced troubleshooting skills to identify and resolve common Oracle WebLogic Server issues.
  3. Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Performance Monitoring and Tuning: The course will cover JVM performance monitoring techniques and tuning strategies to optimize server performance.
  4. Database Connectivity Troubleshooting: Participants will learn how to troubleshoot and resolve database connectivity issues in Oracle WebLogic Server.
  5. Node Manager Configuration: Learners will be guided through the configuration and troubleshooting of Node Manager, a key component for managing server instances.
  6. Security Policies Troubleshooting: The course will cover troubleshooting security policies and resolving security-related issues in Oracle WebLogic Server.
  7. Autonomous Server Environment Management: By the end of the course, participants will be capable of autonomously managing their server environment, ensuring smooth operations, and resolving server complications efficiently.
  8. Optimizing Server Performance: Learners will gain knowledge and techniques to optimize the performance of Oracle WebLogic Server for better efficiency.
  9. Effectively Resolving Server Complications: Participants will be equipped with the skills to effectively identify and resolve common server complications, ensuring high uptime and reliability.

1: Course Introduction
2: Troubleshooting: Overview
3: WebLogic Server Diagnostic Framework
4: Diagnostic Instrumentation
5: JVM Troubleshooting
6: Troubleshooting Servers
7: Troubleshooting Applications
8: Troubleshooting JDBC
9: Troubleshooting Node Manager
10: Troubleshooting Clusters
11: Troubleshooting Security
12: Oracle Cloud
13: Oracle Java Cloud Service Overview

Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Troubleshooting Workshop Course Prerequisites:

• Understanding of basic network and web technologies
• Experience in Oracle WebLogic Server 14c administration
• Proficiency in Java EE technology
• Familiarity with system applications and troubleshooting
• Prior training or exposure to WebLogic Server technology
• Basic understanding of Oracle database operations.

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