Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Performance Tuning Workshop

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Performance Tuning Workshop Course Overview:

The Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Performance Tuning Workshop Certification is a specialized qualification that showcases expertise in optimizing the performance of Oracle WebLogic Server applications. It encompasses key concepts such as JVM performance tuning, garbage collection, and network optimization.

Industries that rely on Oracle’s Java EE application server solution highly value this certification. It aids in efficient resource utilization, reduces downtime, lowers costs, and enhances overall application performance.

By obtaining this certification, IT professionals gain the knowledge and skills to diagnose and resolve performance issues, appropriately configure server elements, and effectively manage and monitor resources. This leads to improved operational efficiency and productivity for organizations utilizing Oracle WebLogic Server.

Intended Audience:

• Database Administrators interested in enhancing server performance
• IT professionals responsible for system performance optimization
• Network Engineers seeking to improve application response times
• Software Developers looking to optimize WebLogic Server applications
• Solutions Architects planning to design and implement highly efficient systems
• Server Administrators focused on achieving optimal system throughput

Learning Objectives of Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Performance Tuning Workshop:

The learning objectives of the Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Performance Tuning Workshop course are to equip participants with necessary skills to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize the performance of Oracle WebLogic Server, its applications, and its infrastructure components. Participants will learn how to use the monitoring and diagnostic capabilities of Oracle WebLogic Server, interpret and analyze the collected data for troubleshooting purpose. The course aims to teach approaches to identify bottlenecks, and apply tuning techniques to address performance problems. Moreover, it seeks to provide sound knowledge on JVM performance tuning, JVM garbage collectors, troubleshooting memory leaks, and achieving optimal database traffic with JDBC Optimizations.

 Module 1: Course Introduction

 Module 2: Performance Tuning: Overview

 Module 3: Tuning Operating System Resources

 Module 4: Tuning HotSpot JVM

 Module 5: Monitoring and Tuning Server Performance

 Module 6: Monitoring and Tuning Cluster Performance

 Module 7: Tuning JDBC Performance

 Module 8: Configuring Work Managers

 Module 9: Tuning Java EE Applications

 Module 10: Oracle Cloud

 Module 11: Oracle Java Cloud Service Overview

 Module 12: Appendix: Reference Slides

Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Performance Tuning Workshop Course Prerequisites:

• Thorough knowledge of WebLogic Server functionality
• Familiarity with WebLogic Server 14c features
• Prior experience in system/server administration
• Good understanding of Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE)
• Basic knowledge of database and networks
• Familiarity with Oracle Database and JVM performance tuning.

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