Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c for Developers Ed 2

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c for Developers Ed 2 Course Overview:

The Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c for Developers Ed 2 course is a comprehensive technical training that equips developers with the skills to develop and customize websites using Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c. Participants learn to create dynamic, interactive, and content-centric web applications. The course covers a wide range of topics, including product management, Easy Banking integration, web application design, content management system development, administration, working with pages and components, adding rich content, caching, scripting framework usage, APIs, search engine optimization, performance optimization, web application security, and deployment. By the end of the course, developers will be proficient in building user-friendly and feature-rich web applications with Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c.

Intended Audience:

  1. Software Developers: Those responsible for designing, building, and deploying enterprise-level websites, portals, and web-based applications using Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c.
  2. Architects: IT professionals involved in designing the architecture of websites and web applications with WebCenter Sites 12c.
  3. Administrators: Individuals responsible for managing and maintaining Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c installations.
  4. Analytics Managers: Professionals overseeing the analytics and data insights aspects of websites and web applications.
  5. Other IT Professionals: Related roles involved in the development and management of websites and web-based applications.
  6. Developers and Technical Support Personnel: Individuals with a background in basic web design and coding, looking to enhance their skills in working with WebCenter Sites 12c.

Learning Objectives of Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c for Developers Ed 2:

1. Learn to use the key features of Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c for web content management
2. Understand how to develop websites and applications with Oracle WebCenter Sites
3. Become proficient in configuring and deploying applications
4. Gain knowledge about the features of Oracle WebCenter Sites for developing web apps
5. Learn to use APIs and libraries to customize applications
6. Understand how Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c uses tags and categories for content tagging
7. Become competent in troubleshooting and debugging activities
8. Discover how to use the Oracle UCM Adapter for integrating site content with UCM
9. Learn to monitor and manage websites with Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c
10. Gain insights into developing rich web and mobile experiences with adaptive web applications

 Module 1: Introduction to Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c
  • Explaining Concept of Web Experience Management
  • Identifying Components of the Product Architecture
  • Defining WebCenter Sites Terminology
  • Distinguishing Different Types of WebCenter Sites Users
  • Identifying the User Interfaces available with WebCenter Sites
  • Describing the Tasks Performed with each Interface
  • Defining the Users who work with each Interface
  • Creating a CM site in WebCenter Sites 12c
  • Creating Users in the WEM Interface
  • Discussing User Authentication and Authorization
  • Creating and Assigning Roles in the WEM Interface
  • Designing Content Model
  • Discussing Assets and Asset Types
  • Explaining the Page Asset Type
  • Describing Asset Relationships
  • Defining the Asset Types in a Flex Family
  • Discussing Core Asset Types
  • Configuring and Using Tree Tabs
  • Defining Start Menu Items
  • Describing Attribute Editors
  • Discussing URL Management
  • Discussing Publishing Methods
  • Examining RealTime Publishing Architecture
  • Explaining the Approval Process
  • Discussing the Lifecycle of Publishing Content Assets
  • Describing Site Capture Functionality
  • Exploring the Main Asset Models
  • Examining the Flex Asset Model
  • Discussing the Use of Flex Filters
  • Introducing Proxy Assets
  • Describing Tools and Utilities for Developers
  • Configuring and Using WebCenter Sites Developer Tools
  • Examining the Property Management Tool
  • Describing Site Design Asset Types
  • Explaining the Purpose of Rendering Frameworks
  • Defining and Contrasting 12c Development Methodologies
  • Describing WebCenter Sites Programming Objects
  • Creating Templates for Building a Website
  • Invoking Other Templates and Elements
  • Retrieving and Rendering Asset Data
  • Building Links to Content
  • Creating Code for Rendering Images
  • Generating Navigational Components
  • Discussing Requirements for In-Context Editing
  • Coding for In-Context Content Editing
  • Coding for In-Context Presentation Editing
  • Coding for In-Context Content Creation
  • Defining Resultset Caching
  • Discussing Architectural Overview of Page Caching
  • Explaining Cache Criteria
  • Explaining Compositional Dependencies
  • Working with Embedded Pagelets
  • Discussing Prerequisites for Developers
  • Explaining Key Concepts for Mobile Delivery
  • Configuring Mobility Features
  • Discussing Concepts of A/B Testing
  • Understanding the Lifecycle of A/B tests
  • Explaining the Developer Tasks for A/B tests
  • Describing how Visitor Services are used by Marketers
  • Explaining the Developer Tasks with Visitor Services
  • Discussing the Visitor Services Architecture

Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c for Developers Ed 2 Course Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for the Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c for Developers Training course. It is designed for developers who are familiar with Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technologies and general concepts of website design and deployment. Familiarity with web frameworks such as Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla will be helpful. Additionally, some basic knowledge of content management systems is beneficial.

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