Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g for System Administrators Ed 2

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g for System Administrators Ed 2 Course Overview:

The Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g for System Administrators Ed 2 is a specialized certification course designed for system administrators, focusing on the management, administration, and troubleshooting of Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g. The course comprehensively covers all aspects of operating the WebCenter Sites platform, including content development and management, platform structure configuration and management, performance optimization, and best practices for monitoring and maintenance. Participants will also learn about proper configuration of the underlying Oracle WebLogic Server, basic security setup, deployments, and managing clustered environments. By the end of the course, students will have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to proficiently administer Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g and ensure its smooth operation.

Intended Audience:

  1. IT Professionals: Individuals in the IT industry seeking to gain knowledge and skills in installing, configuring, and managing an Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g system.
  2. System Administrators: Professionals responsible for the administration and maintenance of IT systems, particularly those interested in deploying Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g for enterprise website design, development, and content management.
  3. IT Managers: Managers overseeing IT operations, looking to understand the deployment and management of Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g for their organization.
  4. Web Architects: Professionals involved in designing web-based solutions and interested in implementing Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g.
  5. Web Developers: Individuals with expertise in web development, aiming to set up and manage Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g.
  6. System Analysts: Professionals involved in analyzing and improving IT systems, seeking to learn about the administration and configuration of Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g.

Learning Objectives of Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g for System Administrators Ed 2:

1. Learn to install, configure, and administer Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g.
2. Understand the concepts and architecture of the application.
3. Master the technical and functional terminology of the suite.
4. Learn how to configure the hardware and software components of the product.
5. Know how to secure, monitor, and manage the product.
6. Understand the system operations and configurations.
7. Practice the maintenance and management of the application.
8. Gain the ability to debug and troubleshoot the product.
9. Prepare for taking certification exams for Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g for System Administrators.

 Module 1: Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g: The Basics
  • About Systems Architecture
  • Overview of WEM Framework
  • Discussing WebCenter Sites Terminology
  • Explaining Content Acquisition Process
  • Installation Prerequisites
  • Installing and Configuring the Database
  • Installing and Configuring the Application Server
  • Installing WebCenter Sites
  • Post-Installation Checks
  • Important Sites Directories
  • System Configuration Files
  • Types of Database Tables
  • Indirect Data Storage
  • Configuring WebCenter Sites Tools and Properties
  • Tools that Import and Export: SitesExplorer, CatalogMover
  • Property Editor
  • WebCenter Sites Developer Tools
  • System Tools
  • Support Tools
  • Discussing Single Sign-on and Identity Management
  • About Content Integration and Migration Tools
  • BulkLoader Utility
  • XMLPost Utility
  • Content Integration Platform (CIP)
  • WebCenter Content Connector
  • Backup/Restore Procedure
  • Upgrade Procedure
  • Discussing Native Authentication and Authorization
  • Other Authentication Methods
  • Publishing Delivery Types
  • RealTime Publishing: How it works
  • Troubleshooting Common Publishing Issues
  • Site Capture
  • Discussing Resultset Caching
  • Discussing Asset Caching
  • Rendering Engine Cache
  • About inCache
  • Describing Cache Management System Tools
  • About Search Engines
  • Discussing Site Replication
  • About Workflow
  • Discussing Revision Tracking
  • Product Architecture
  • Installation Prerequisites
  • Administrating Community-Gadgets
  • How Device Detection Works
  • Managing Devices Using the Device Repository
  • How Device Groups and Suffixes are Used
  • How Site Plans are Used
  • Previewing Pages with Device Assets
  • Configuring Mobility Features

Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g for System Administrators Ed 2 Course Prerequisites:

The prerequisites for Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g for System Administrators Ed 2 Training are:
1. A fundamental understanding of web technologies such as HTML, HTTP, Java, JavaScript, SQL, and XML.
2. Working knowledge of Oracle WebLogic server, Linux/Unix and Windows operating systems.
3. Familiarity with basic navigation and security capabilities of WebCenter Sites.
4. Familiarity with Apache Web Server, Tomcat, and IIS Web Server.
5. Basic understanding of the concepts of system administration, including server installation and configuration and databases.
6. Fundamental understanding of web technologies such as HTML, HTTP, Java, JavaScript, SQL, and XML.

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