Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g: Architecture Ed 2

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g: Architecture Ed 2 Course Overview:

The Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g: Architecture Ed 2 course offers a comprehensive exploration of the design and planning aspects of the Oracle WebCenter Sites platform infrastructure. Aimed at IT professionals and implementers, the course highlights server types, their characteristics, and their integration into the application environment, with a focus on supporting scalability, availability, and reliability.

Key architectural principles covered in the course include establishing standardized environments, sizing and scalability considerations, distributed processing, best practices for high availability, automatic failover and recovery, thread processing in distributed environments, hosted architect models, application environment security, backup and disaster recovery principles, system monitoring, and performance tuning.

Intended Audience:

  1. Software Developers: Professionals responsible for designing, coding, and implementing software solutions, particularly those working with Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g.
  2. Software Architects: Individuals involved in designing the overall structure and framework of software applications, especially those related to Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g.

Learning Objectives of Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g: Architecture Ed 2:

  1. Understand the Architecture: Gain an in-depth understanding of the architecture of Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g, including key components and their functionalities.
  2. Content and Asset Management: Learn how to effectively manage content and assets using Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g.
  3. Portal Development and Delivery: Explore how to develop and deliver portals using the WebCenter Sites 11g platform.
  4. Caching and Content Dissemination: Understand caching mechanisms and content dissemination (CDA) capabilities for efficient content delivery.
  5. Analytics Capabilities: Learn how to utilize the analytics features of Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g.
  6. Security and Site Management: Discover techniques for securing and managing sites within the Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g environment.
  7. Integration with Other Products and Platforms: Acquire the skills to integrate Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g with other products and platforms.
  8. Workflows and Roles: Set up workflows and roles to streamline content management processes.
  9. Single Sign-On Configuration: Configure single sign-on to provide seamless user experiences.
  10. Customizations and Personalized Sites: Learn how to create customizations to tailor the product and deploy personalized sites to meet individual customer needs.
 Module 1: Getting Started With Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g
  • Overview of Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g
  • About Sites Core Architecture
  • About Systems Architecture
  • Discussing A Typical Deployment Scenario
  • Planning for Your Solution
  • Discussing Integration Scenarios
  • Translating Versus Localizing Sites
  • Using Dimension Sets
  • Using a Blended Solution
  • About Locale Filtering
  • Using the Contributor Interface
  • Designing a Site to Use In-Context Editing Features
  • When to Customize the Contributor Interface?
  • Using WebCenter Sites’ Native User Management
  • Using Other Authentication Methods
  • Authorization Using ACLs and Roles
  • About Practical Options for Migrating and Integration Content
  • Integrating With WebCenter Content Using the WebCenter Content Integration Tool
  • Working with Proxy Assets
  • Discussing Approaches to Site Replication
  • Sharing Versus Copying
  • Using a Blended Model
  • Getting to Know Your Content
  • Identifying Asset Types
  • Discussing Rules for Asset Modeling
  • Discussing Basic and Flex Asset Models
  • Designing a Flex Asset Family
  • About Attribute Inheritance
  • Discussing Asset Relationships and Translations
  • Understanding Asset Dependencies
  • Discussing Requirements for Mobile Delivery
  • About Device Detection
  • About Device Repository
  • Discussing Device Groups and Suffixes
  • About Site Plans
  • About Device Assets
  • Configuring Mobility Features
  • Overview of Rendering Models
  • About Modular Page Design
  • Working with MVC Patterns
  • Explaining Dynamic Publishing
  • Describing Static Publishing
  • Rendering Models and Publishing
  • Archiving Your Website Using Site Capture
  • Rendering Engine Caching
  • Overview of inCache
  • Working with Dependencies
  • Tuning inCache
  • Discussing Resultset Caching
  • Discussing Asset Caching
  • About Lucene Search Indexes
  • Capturing SEO Information
  • Optimizing URLs with Vanity URL Management
  • Designing for User-Generated Content
  • Discussing Community-Gadgets Capabilities
  • Modeling User-Generated Content
  • Managing User-Generated Content
  • Moderating User-Generated Content
  • Using Engage to Visitor Data and Deliver Targeted Content

Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g: Architecture Ed 2 Course Prerequisites:

No prerequisites are required to take the Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g: Architecture Ed 2 Training course.

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