Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g: Administration Ed 1.1

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g: Administration Ed 1.1 Course Overview:

Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g: Administration Ed 1.1 is a course designed to give IT professionals the skills needed to effectively plan, develop, deploy, configure, and maintain Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g. This course provides an explanation of the fundamental capabilities of Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g. It also covers the concepts and components of WebCenter Portal and how to customize it to meet your requirements.
This training explores the capabilities and components of Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g, such as includes the functionality of the WebCenter Portal application, customization, architecture and development, administration and deployment. Students will learn how to administer and maintain the Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g, create portlets and web pages, perform security tasks and deploy portals. After completing the course, you should be able to integrate Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g with other Oracle Fusion Middleware components, configure Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g components, and use the Oracle WebCenter Portal UI Services development model.

Intended Audience:

  1. IT Professionals: Individuals working in the IT industry, responsible for managing and administering various aspects of the Oracle WebCenter Portal solution.
  2. System Administrators: Professionals responsible for the overall system administration, including architecture, installation, and deployment of Oracle WebCenter Portal.
  3. Software Engineers: Developers and engineers involved in configuring and customizing the Oracle WebCenter Portal solution.
  4. Database Administrators: Professionals responsible for managing the underlying databases used by Oracle WebCenter Portal.
  5. Application Server Administrators: IT personnel responsible for managing and maintaining the application server used by Oracle WebCenter Portal.
  6. Portal Administrators: Individuals responsible for day-to-day administration and management of the Oracle WebCenter Portal.
  7. Network Administrators: Professionals involved in managing the network infrastructure required for the proper functioning of Oracle WebCenter Portal.
  8. Application Developers: Developers working on creating and customizing applications integrated with Oracle WebCenter Portal.

Learning Objectives of Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g: Administration Ed 1.1:

1. Understand WebCenter Portal’s architecture and components.
2. Install, configure, and maintain Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g.
3. Create and manage users and groups, as well as assign permissions.
4. Create, configure, and manage Portal spaces, pages, and portals.
5. Configure content management integration, including Oracle Content Server and WebCenter Content Server.
6. Use the portal search features, such as Oracle Text and Excerpt.
7. Configure mashups and remote business services.
8. Integrate Oracle WebCenter services and components with WebCenter Portal.
9. Extend Oracle WebCenter Portal and create custom JSF application.
10. Monitor and troubleshoot Oracle WebCenter Portal.

 Module 1: Course Introduction
  • Listing the course objectives
  • Describing the course environment
  • Identifying the major components of a FMW and describing the purpose of each
  • Describing the tasks typically done by the Fusion Middleware administrator
  • Describing the tasks typically done by the WebCenter Portal administrator
  • Describing when an administrator would use each of the administrative tools to manage the WebCenter Portal deployme
  • Describing WebCenter Portal Components
  • Planning Your Installation
  • Discussing the List the products that must be installed before starting your WebCenter Portal installation
  • Describing WebCenter Installation Requirements
  • Installing WebCenter Portal
  • Creating WebCenter Portal Domain
  • Troubleshooting WebCenter Portal installation
  • Configuring Oracle HTTP Server for WebCenter Portal
  • Configuring WebCenter Portal to use External LDAP as its identity store
  • Configuring WebCenter Portal to use OUD
  • Configuring WebCenter Portal to connect to Content server
  • Setting up WebCenter Portal to use the Documents service and Content Presenter
  • Managing Calendar Events
  • Managing Mail Service
  • Managing Oracle Secure Enterprise Search in WebCenter Portal
  • Managing Discussions (Jive)
  • Registering a portlet producer
  • Creating JDBC Data Source
  • Creating data controls to retrieve data from a data source
  • Creating task flows from data controls for presenting data
  • Presenting data as a table, form or graph in your portal by using task flows with data controls
  • Describing WebCenter Portal Lifecycle
  • Describing how to export and import Portal Assets
  • Describing how to export and import Portal
  • Describing how to export and import Portal templates
  • Describing how to migrate and entire Portal
  • Creating new devices
  • Creating new device groups
  • Managing device groups
  • Configuring application security
  • Configuring portal security
  • Discussing the tools used to monitor WebCenter Porta
  • Viewing performance metrics using Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control
  • Displaying monitoring information using WebLogic Server Administration Console
  • Describing some common techniques for troubleshooting WebCenter Porta
  • Troubleshooting Overall System Slowness
  • Identifying Slow Pages
  • Using Portal Page Performance Analyzer
  • Understanding High Availability Concepts
  • Understanding High Availability Architecture
  • Discussing Failover Considerations

Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g: Administration Ed 1.1 Course Prerequisites:

This Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g: Administration Ed 1.1 Training course is designed for system administrators, developers, and business analysts. Topics covered include setting up and managing a WebCenter Portal 11g architecture, managing and publishing Content, and customizing the user experience with skins and branding.
Participants who take this course should have the following prerequisites:
• Familiarity with Java EE, Web Components, and Portal technologies
• Oracle Database experience
• Working knowledge of WebCenter Portal 11g
• Ability to configure and manage Oracle WebLogic Server 11g
• Familiarity with clustered software deployments
• Understanding of enterprise systems, basic system architecture, and networking concepts
• Knowledge of enterprise security

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