Oracle WebCenter Content 11g Content Server Administration

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle WebCenter Content 11g Content Server Administration Course Overview:

The Oracle WebCenter Content 11g Content Server Administration certification acknowledges IT professionals skilled in overseeing and configuring Oracle’s content management solution. This credential signifies comprehensive expertise in WebCenter Content features such as security, APIs, metadata, and workflows, facilitating the creation of an organized, searchable, and scalable digital content repository. Industries across technology, healthcare, finance, and more leverage this certification to efficiently manage growing volumes of unstructured data. Certified administrators enhance productivity, compliance, and streamlined access to business content, enabling quicker decision-making. They are also adept at integrating WebCenter with other Oracle Applications, further adding to their value.

Intended Audience:

  • System administrators already working with Oracle WebCenter Content
  • IT professionals focused on software solution implementation
  • Database administrators interested in content management systems
  • Professionals pursuing a career in Oracle WebCenter Content administration
  • Team leads supervising content management initiatives
  • Technical consultants aiming to expand their Oracle product knowledge.

Learning Objectives of Oracle WebCenter Content 11g Content Server Administration:

The course aims to help participants:

  1. Master the Oracle WebCenter Content 11g interface.
  2. Develop a comprehensive understanding of the server architecture.
  3. Gain hands-on experience in administering the content server and associated applications.
  4. Acquire skills in content indexing and organization.
  5. Learn how to monitor server performance to ensure optimal operation.
  6. Understand backup and recovery procedures to safeguard content.
  7. Gain expertise in security measures and user management.
  8. Develop the ability to effectively manage and administer Oracle WebCenter Content 11g.

By the end of the course, participants should be well-equipped with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to manage and administer Oracle WebCenter Content 11g, ensuring its optimal performance, security, and functionality.

 Module 1: Webcenter Content Server Overview

  • WebCenter Content Overview

 Module 2: Webcenter Content Server End-User Skills

  • Personalizing Oracle WebCenter Content Server
  • Contributing Content
  • Searching and Subscribing to Content
  • Revising Content

 Module 3: Implementing Security

  • Understanding Administrative Responsibilites
  • Implementing a Role-Based Security Model
  • Implementing an Account-Based Security Model

 Module 4: Implementing a Metadata Model

  • Understanding Content Types
  • Understanding Custom Metadata
  • About Dependent Choice Lists
  • Managing Metadata using Rules
  • Using Profiles to Customize Content Pages

 Module 5: Configuring Webcenter Content Server

  • Configuring Webcenter Content Server using Administration Tools
  • Configuring Webcenter Content Server using Components

 Module 6: Configuring Webcenter Content Server for alternative methods of contribution and performing mass contributions

  • Configuring Webcenter Content Server for WebDAV/Desktop Integration Suite
  • Contributing Mass Content using Batch Loader

 Module 7: Workflows

  • Explaining Workflow Concepts
  • About Criteria Workflows
  • Extending Workflows
  • Discussing BPEL Integration

 Module 8: Managing Content

  • Managing Content and Subscriptions
  • Using Folios and Folio Administration
  • Updating Mass-Metadata and Creating Backups

 Module 9: System Migration

  • About Configuration Migration Utility (CMU)
  • About Export, Import and Replication or Transfer of Content

 Module 10: Integrating WebCenter Content

  • About WebCenter Content Web Services

Oracle WebCenter Content 11g Content Server Administration Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of Web servers
  • Understanding of HTML and Web technologies
  • Familiarity with UNIX and Windows command-line tools
  • Knowledge in networking and TCP/IP protocol
  • Experience in database administration, specifically Oracle Database
  • Prior expertise in system and network security
  • Understanding of Java and Java Enterprise Edition technologies.

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