Oracle Utilities: C2M v2.7.0.1 Functionality for Implementers

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Oracle Utilities: C2M v2.7.0.1 Functionality for Implementers Course Overview:

The Oracle Utilities: C2M v2.7.0.1 Functionality for Implementers certification is a comprehensive validation tool for professionals to demonstrate their expertise in implementing Oracle’s Customer to Meter (C2M) technology. This certification assesses proficiency in understanding C2M v2.7.0.1 architecture, configuration, and functional capabilities. Industries utilize this certification to hire skilled professionals capable of managing full lifecycle implementations and optimizing C2M functionality. A deep understanding of C2M can enhance operational efficiency, elevate customer service, and harness data analytics for informed decision-making, making this certification pivotal for utility-focused IT roles.

Intended Audience:

• Oracle Utilities implementers
• Project managers and technical teams
• Oracle software developers
• IT professionals specializing in utility management systems
• Experienced Oracle C2M users looking for updates on v2.7.0.1
• Professionals planning to implement Oracle Utilities C2M v2.7.0.1 in their organizations.
• Staff responsible for system configuration and deployment of Oracle Utilities C2M v2.7.0.1

Learning Objectives of Oracle Utilities: C2M v2.7.0.1 Functionality for Implementers:

The learning objectives of the Oracle Utilities: C2M v2.7.0.1 Functionality for Implementers course encompass a comprehensive grasp of Oracle Utilities application features. Participants will gain expertise in installing, configuring, customizing, and deploying Oracle C2M utility. Through hands-on labs, they will enhance system efficiency and address typical challenges. The course aims to empower participants with the skills to proficiently interact with the software, with a specific focus on the new features introduced in version This emphasis enhances their implementation capabilities and enables effective utilization of the software’s capabilities.

 Module 1: Control Central and User Interface Standards

 Module 2: Framework Overview

 Module 3: Customer Information, Part 1

 Module 4: Devices and Measuring Components

 Module 5: Field Work and Service Order Management

 Module 6: Customer Information, Part 2

 Module 7: Measurements and Scalar VEE

 Module 8: Integration

 Module 9: To Do List

 Module 10: Financial Transactions

 Module 11: Usage and Billing, Part 1

 Module 12: Usage and Billing, Part 2

 Module 13: Sales and Marketing

 Module 14: Statements

 Module 15: Rates

 Module 16: Payments

 Module 17: Adjustments

 Module 18: Credit & Collections

 Module 19: Budgets

 Module 20: Service Requests

 Module 21: Deposits and Loans

 Module 22: Case Management

Oracle Utilities: C2M v2.7.0.1 Functionality for Implementers Course Prerequisites:

  • Proficiency in Oracle Utilities end-to-end business processes
  • Knowledge of Oracle Utilities Customer to Meter Application
  • Familiarity with Admin and Operational roles in Oracle Utilities
  • Basic IT skills and understanding of data structures
  • Prior experience in Oracle Utilities Implementation.

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