Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.x Administration

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.x Administration Course Overview:

The Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.x Administration certification revolves around the Oracle Solaris Cluster, an integrated software package ensuring high availability and disaster recovery for enterprise-level applications running on the Solaris operating system. The certification validates a professional’s skills in installing, configuring, administering and troubleshooting Oracle’s Cluster environment. Industries use it for deployable and scalable services with failover protection and recovery capabilities. Having this certification signifies a deep understanding of the architectural design behind Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.x, including failover features, data service development, disaster recovery functionalities and cluster APIs. It’s crucial for professionals involved in administering and managing mission-critical applications.

Intended Audience:

• IT professionals wanting to acquire knowledge on Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.x
• System administrators managing a Solaris cluster environment
• Technical consultants working with Oracle’s Solaris platform
• Database administrators keen on understanding cluster administration
• Network engineers requiring training in Sun Cluster.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.x Administration:

The learning objectives of the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.x Administration course are:

  1. Acquiring in-depth knowledge about the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.x system.
  2. Installing, configuring, administering, and troubleshooting the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.x software.
  3. Understanding the architecture and functions of the Oracle Solaris Cluster.
  4. Gaining knowledge about concepts like Global File System (GFS), Oracle RAC, and Zones clusters.
  5. Proficiency in managing cluster resources and data services.
  6. Creating resource groups and effectively implementing disaster recovery strategies.
  7. Maintaining a high level of data availability and ensuring uninterrupted service in various operating environments.
 Module 1: Introduction to the course
  • Overview
  • Course goals
  • Course agenda
  • Introduction
  • Your Learning Center
  • Describe the role of clustering as a high availability (HA) platform
  • Describe the Oracle Solaris Cluster hardware and software environment
  • Describe the types of applications supported by Oracle Solaris Cluster
  • Describe the Oracle Solaris Cluster software HA framework
  • Describe the different methods for accessing the cluster node console
  • Install the pconsole utility
  • Describe the guidelines for planning Oracle Solaris software installation in a cluster configuration
  • Describe the various cluster storage topologies
  • Describe the role of quorum devices and quorum votes
  • Describe persistent quorum reservations and cluster amnesia
  • Identify the cluster transport interconnects
  • Identify the public network adapters
  • Install the Oracle Solaris Cluster software
  • Configure the Oracle Solaris Cluster software
  • Describe sample cluster configuration scenarios
  • Perform quorum configuration
  • Perform post-installation verification
  • List commands for administering the cluster
  • Administer cluster global properties
  • Administer cluster nodes
  • Administer quorum in a cluster configuration
  • Administer disk path monitoring and SCSI protocol settings of storage devices
  • Administer cluster interconnect components
  • Use the clsetup command
  • Perform Cluster Operations
  • Describe the role of ZFS in data management
  • Build ZFS storage pools and file systems
  • Use ZFS in the Oracle Solaris Cluster environment
  • Describe the role of Solaris Volume Manager in disk space management
  • Manage shared disksets in cluster environment
  • Build volumes in shared disk sets with soft partitions of mirrors
  • Create highly available file systems
  • Manage Solaris Volume Manager device group
  • Explain how Identity Cloud Service is configured for OAM Authentication
  • Explain how Oracle Access Management can provide Authentication to IDCS
  • Understanding the Hybrid On-Premise and Cloud environment
  • Manage the Public Network with IPMP
  • Manage the Public Network with Link aggregation
  • Describe the Oracle Solaris Cluster data services
  • Describe the primary purpose of resources, resource groups and resource types
  • List the guidelines for using global and highly available local file systems
  • Describe standard, extension, and resource group properties
  • Configure resources and resource groups
  • Control the state of resources and resource groups manually
  • Describe scalable services and shared addresses
  • Describe the properties of resource groups and scalable groups
  • Describe how the SharedAddress resource works with scalable services
  • Review command examples for a scalable service
  • Control scalable resources and resource groups
  • Describe advanced resource group relationships
  • Describe Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Describe HA for Solaris Zones
  • Configure a HA for Solaris Zones
  • Describe zone cluster
  • Configure a zone cluster
  • Configure Oracle 12c as a failover application
  • Configure the Oracle Solaris Cluster using unified archive (demonstration)

Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.x Administration Course Prerequisites:

• Understanding of Oracle Solaris 11 and Solaris 11 system administration.
• Knowledge of UNIX-based networks, terminal line and file interfaces.
• Experience in Oracle storage configurations.
• Familiarity with IP/NFS networks.
• Competence in package and patch administration.
• Expertise in shell scripting languages.
• Understanding of LAN/WAN technologies.

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