Oracle Solaris 11 Network Administration

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle Solaris 11 Network Administration Course Overview:

The Oracle Solaris 11 Network Administration course offers a comprehensive upgrade to networking skills, covering fundamentals, system administration, and hands-on activities. Students grasp network components and their interactions, enabling them to configure LANs, manage services, enhance security, and perform system admin tasks in a Solaris 11 environment. Learners develop scripting and troubleshooting proficiency, monitor network performance, and gain value for network engineers, system admins, and IT professionals involved in network design, implementation, and support.

Intended Audience:

  1. IT professionals
  2. Network administrators
  3. System database administrators
  4. System administrators and architects
  5. System engineers
  6. Developers and database professionals
  7. Experienced users of Oracle Solaris 10 aiming to understand new features and migrate to Oracle Solaris 11
  8. Professionals seeking to develop skills in operating system and network installation, configuration, and administration of Oracle Solaris 11
  9. Individuals working in enterprise IT fields like cloud computing, data center management, and information security.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Solaris 11 Network Administration:

This Oracle Solaris 11 Network Administration Training program will teach participants to design, configure and manage the Oracle Solaris 11 Networking components.
Participants will learn how to install networking components and configure them to meet the organization’s requirements. They will also learn how to troubleshoot network issues and performance tune network components. Additionally, they will learn how to secure the network to prevent unauthorized access and data theft. By the end of this program, participants will have the skills to proactively maintain and monitor the Oracle Solaris 11 Networking environment.

 Module 1: Networking Fundamentals

  • Introduction to the TCP/IP Model
  • LAN and its Components
  • Network Stack
  • Networking Features in Oracle Solaris 11

 Module 2: Configuring a Virtual Network

  • Profile-based Network Configuration
  • Overview of a Physical Network
  • Overview of VLAN
  • Internal Virtual Network
  • Private Virtual Network

 Module 3: Configuring High Availability

  • High Availabilit
  • IPMP for IP failover
  • Link Aggregations
  • Integrated Load Balancer
  • Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

 Module 4: Configuring Services

  • Domain Name System
  • Light Weight Directory Access Protocol
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

 Module 5: Managing Network Resources

  • Network Resource Management
  • Network Resources for Optimum Utilization
  • Monitor Network Traffic

 Module 6: Securing the Network

  • Details are not available.

 Module 7: Troubleshooting Networking Issues

  • Diagnostic Tools
  • DTrace Network Providers

 Module 8: Information Exchange Mechanisms

  • Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  • Data Center Bridging
  • Edge Virtual Bridging

Oracle Solaris 11 Network Administration Course Prerequisites:

The Oracle Solaris 11 Network Administration Training course has the following prerequisites:
• Ability to install, configure, and troubleshoot the Oracle Solaris Operating System.
• Fundamental understanding of networking protocols, such as TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, and DHCP.
• Experience using a text editor, such as vi.
• Ability to create, modify, and tune basic system parameters.

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