Oracle SOA Suite 12c: System Architecture and Administration Ed 1

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle SOA Suite 12c: System Architecture and Administration Ed 1 Course Overview:

The self-paced online course, “Oracle SOA Suite 12c: System Architecture and Administration Ed 1,” delivers a comprehensive introduction to SOA Suite 12c. It covers architecture, components, and configuration while also delving into the administration of Oracle SOA Suite 12c through web console and command-line operations. Successful completion of the course empowers learners to define business and technical use cases for proper configuration and deployment of SOA Composite applications, administer and configure Oracle SOA Suite, monitor and maintain the SOA Suite environment, utilize integrated development tools, and extend Oracle SOA Suite functionality through custom Java, JavaScript, BPEL processes, and XSLT. The course targets Enterprise Architects, SOA/Integration developers, System Architects, System Administrators, and Technical Consultants.

Intended Audience:

  • Developers and IT professionals with a good understanding of enterprise applications.
  • Experienced professionals in system architecture, server and database administration, application deployment, and infrastructure operations.
  • Developers seeking an in-depth understanding of SOA Suite components, application architecture, administration, and installation tasks related to Oracle SOA Suite 12c.
  • IT professionals tasked with configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting Oracle SOA Suite 12c applications.

Learning Objectives of Oracle SOA Suite 12c: System Architecture and Administration Ed 1:

The Oracle SOA Suite 12c: System Architecture and Administration Ed 1 Training is designed to help students understand SOA fundamentals and the essential components of SOA Suite 12c. Participants can learn how to install, configure and administer SOA Suite 12c and discover best practices for managing and troubleshooting complex SOA environments. Upon completion of this training, students will be able to:
1. Describe the key principles, concepts and terminologies associated with Oracle SOA Suite 12c
2. Explain the essential components, architecture and life cycle of Oracle SOA Suite 12c
3. Install, configure and administer Oracle SOA Suite 12c
4. Implement and manage SOA Suite 12c components and instances
5. Troubleshoot common issues and identify best practices for managing SOA Suite 12c.

 Module 1: Introduction to Oracle SOA Suite 12c Administration

  • About Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts
  • Overview of Oracle SOA Suite 12c products
  • Exploring the road map for creating an Enterprise Deployment architecture

 Module 2: Planning Oracle SOA Suite 12c Deployments

  • Choosing an appropriate deployment topology
  • Preparing the network environment and file system for Oracle SOA Suite 12c
  • Preparing and planning the database strategy
  • Planning an SOA deployment topology based on the Enterprise Deployment architecture reference model
  • Planning an architecture for scalability, high availability, and failover

 Module 3: Installing Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Creating the Fusion Middle Infrastructure

  • Choosing the type domain and installation approach
  • Installing Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure software
  • Creating the Oracle Database schemas for Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure
  • Creating a WebLogic Domain with Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure
  • Configuring WebLogic Server to use an external LDAP server for authentication and authorization

 Module 4: Installing Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Extending the Domain with Oracle SOA Suite

  • Managing web-tier installation and configuration tasks
  • Installing Oracle SOA Suite 12c
  • Creating the Oracle Database schemas for Oracle SOA Suite 12c
  • Extending the WebLogic domain with Oracle SOA Suite 12c components

 Module 5: Installing Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Configuring the Load Balancer for Enterprise Deployment

  • Explain the load balancer configuration requirements for an Enterprise Deployment topology
  • Create and configure a WebLogic Managed Server as a (software) load balancer

 Module 6: Configuring High Availability for Oracle SOA Suite 12c

  • Reviewing the high availability architecture
  • Scaling out an enterprise deployment topology
  • Configuring high availability for the Administration Server
  • Configuring JCA Adapter (File, Database, and JMS) Resources for SOA applications

 Module 7: Fundamentals of Oracle SOA Suite

  • Describing service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Explaining how services communicate
  • Describing the functionality of each type of Oracle SOA Suite 12c service component

 Module 8: Deploying and Testing SOA Composite Applications

  • Deploying a Composite application by using Ant tools
  • Deploying and Testing Composite applications by using Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Tracking Message flow through a Composite Application
  • Deploying a Composite application using Ant tools and Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Describing a Composite application package and its dependencies

 Module 9: Managing Composite Applications and Their Life-Cycle

  • Deploying new versions of a Composite application
  • Creating partitions and deploy Composites to those partitions
  • Identifying Composite application dependencies
  • Managing the Composite application life-cycle using configuration plans and global token variables

 Module 10: Monitoring and Managing Instances, Service Components, and Service Engines

  • Configuring Logging, Audit Levels, and Sensors
  • Managing Faults in the Error Hospital

 Module 11: Managing Business Events

  • Describing Business Events and the Event Delivery Network
  • Managing events using Oracle Enterprise Manager

 Module 12: Configuring and Testing Oracle User Messaging Services

  • Introduction to Oracle User Messaging Services
  • Configuring Oracle User Messaging Services

 Module 13: Troubleshooting and Tuning Performance of Oracle SOA Suite 12c

  • Designing a tuning methodology
  • Identifying top areas that require tuning
  • Monitoring and tuning Oracle SOA Suite by collecting performance information and using diagnostic tools
  • Configuring selective tracing
  • Troubleshooting common problems

 Module 14: Backing Up and Recovery of Oracle SOA Suite Instances

  • Adopting a backup and recovery strategy
  • Backing up your Oracle Fusion Middleware environment
  • Recovering Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle SOA Suite

 Module 15: Configuring Security Services and Policies

  • Describing Web services security
  • Describing Oracle Web Services Manager Policy Framework
  • Creating or modifying security policy
  • Attaching a security policy to Web services
  • Monitoring the performance of Web services

 Module 16: Enterprise Scheduler Service (ESS)

  • Describing Enterprise Scheduler Service
  • Installing Enterprise Scheduler Service
  • Configuring scheduled jobs and related metadata
  • Administering running and completed jobs

Oracle SOA Suite 12c: System Architecture and Administration Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

1. Working knowledge of programming and object-oriented concepts.
2. Working knowledge of web technologies such as HTTP, XML, and web services.
3. Familiarity with Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) concepts and implementation.
4. Basic understanding of Linux or UNIX-based operating systems and the Oracle Database.
5. Working knowledge of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts.
6. Knowledge of basic Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) 12c administration tasks.
7. Working knowledge of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c administration.

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