Oracle Session Monitor Rel 3.x Platform Administration

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Oracle Session Monitor Rel 3.x Platform Administration Course Overview:

The Oracle Session Monitor Rel 3.x Platform Administration Certification validates an individual’s expertise in managing the Oracle 3.x platform. It covers monitoring session activities, resolving performance issues, and understanding the platform’s architecture. Industries use this certification to ensure optimal system performance and uptime through proactive monitoring. Certified administrators excel in maintaining business continuity, optimizing system architecture, and ensuring security, making the certification invaluable to businesses relying on Oracle systems for their operations.

Intended Audience:

• Database administrators
• Oracle DBA professionals
• System administrators
• IT professionals handling Oracle databases
• Individuals aiming for Oracle certification
• Experienced database professionals seeking advanced knowledge
• IT managers overseeing Oracle database operations.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Session Monitor Rel 3.x Platform Administration:

The primary objective of the Oracle Session Monitor Rel 3.x Platform Administration course is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to effectively administer the Oracle Session Monitor. Participants will learn to navigate the system, understand core functionalities, monitor and manage Oracle database sessions, and troubleshoot common issues. They will also gain expertise in configuring alerts, generating reports, and managing users and security within the system. Additionally, the course covers how to manage system settings and perform essential system maintenance activities. By the end of the course, participants should be able to optimize the Oracle Session Monitor to effectively monitor and manage their database infrastructure.

  1. Platform Requirements for OCSM Installation
  2. Installation of OCSM on a Virtual Machine
  3. Installation Procedure for OCSM
  4. Setting Up OCSM and Understanding its Layered Architecture
  5. Accessing OCSM PSA Web Interface
  6. Configuring Machine Type, Call Capacity, and Network Settings
  7. Specifying Parameters for DNS, HTTPS, SMTP, and More
  8. Setting Date/Time and Managing General Settings
  9. Managing Network Settings
  10. OCOM Configuration and Administration Settings Web Interface
    • General Settings
    • Network Settings
  11. Administration of Platform Devices and Realms
    • Administrating Platform Devices
    • Specifying Custom Call Merging Algorithm
    • Specifying Number Determination Sources
    • Defining Realms
    • Customizing Realm Assignments
    • Specifying Devices Visibility
    • Specifying Devices Monitoring
    • Specifying IP Tags and Prefix Tags
  12. Managing Users
    • Adding Users
    • Adding User Roles
    • Assigning User Roles
  13. Managing External Devices
    • Configuring RADIUS Authentication
    • Configuring SNMP Options
    • Enabling FTP/SFTP
    • Configuring Voice Quality Collector
  14. Managing System Parameters
    • Setting System Parameters
    • Categories of System Parameters
    • Configuring Savepoints
  15. Introduction to the Fraud Monitor (FM)
    • What is FM?
    • Where is FM?
    • How does FM Detect Fraud?
    • Detecting Frauds
    • Accessing the FM Web Interface
    • Configuring Blacklist
    • Configuring Whitelist
  16. Adding Mediation Engines
  17. Managing Administrative Users

Oracle Session Monitor Rel 3.x Platform Administration Course Prerequisites:

• Understanding of Oracle architecture and database design
• Knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL programming
• Experience in administering Oracle databases
• Familiarity with Oracle networking architecture
• Basic knowledge of UNIX/Linux operating system commands
• Prior attendance of Oracle Database Administration I and II Courses is strongly recommended.

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