Oracle Service Cloud Integration and Development

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle Service Cloud Integration and Development Course Overview:

The Oracle ERP Cloud: Budgetary Control and Encumbrance Accounting Fundamentals certification attests to an individual’s expertise in efficiently managing financial aspects within a business. This encompasses budget planning, monitoring, spending control, and encumbrance accounting, all accomplished using Oracle’s ERP Cloud system. The certification holds significant value in industries with complex financial transactions and strict budget regulations, as it ensures financial integrity, enhances transparency, and fosters financial accountability. By governing a business’s budget and preventing overspending through encumbrance of funds before expenses occur, this certification helps maintain financial discipline. Moreover, it facilitates more accurate financial reporting and insights, thus enhancing the decision-making process and overall business performance.

Intended Audience:

• IT professionals interested in cloud integration
• Developers wanting to enhance Oracle Service Cloud skills
• System Administrators working with Oracle Service Cloud
• Software Engineers aiming to learn Cloud integration
• Project Managers intending to streamline Oracle Service integrations
• Technical Consultants focused on Oracle Service Cloud development
• Oracle Service Cloud users aiming to improve capabilities

Learning Objectives of Oracle Service Cloud Integration and Development:

The learning objectives of the Oracle Service Cloud Integration and Development course are as follows:

  1. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of managing and developing customer-centric platforms using Oracle Service Cloud.
  2. Learning to integrate various systems and application software seamlessly using Oracle RightNow Connect APIs.
  3. Acquiring the skills and knowledge to customize service experiences, including customer portal customization, to enhance customer interactions and satisfaction.
  4. Demonstrating proficiency in developing advanced add-ins to extend the functionality of Oracle Service Cloud and meet complex service requirements.
  5. Understanding the use of Connect Common Object Model (CCOM) to facilitate data exchange and integration between different applications.
  6. Enhancing the ability to streamline business operations efficiently by developing and implementing customized solutions within Oracle Service Cloud.

By the end of the course, students will be equipped with the technical expertise to manage, integrate, and customize Oracle Service Cloud effectively, enabling them to create customer-centric platforms and deliver exceptional service experiences. This, in turn, contributes to increased customer satisfaction and improved overall business performance.

 Module 1: Custom Objects

 Module 2: Connect Common Object Model (CCOM)

 Module 3: RightNow Object Query Language (ROQL)

 Module 4: Customer Portal (CP) Basic Editing

 Module 5: Customer Portal Look and Feel

 Module 6: Customer Portal Standard and Syndicated Widgets

 Module 7: Customer Portal Custom Widgets

 Module 8: Customer Portal Models and Controllers

 Module 9: Customer Portal Building Widgets with Controller Logic

 Module 10: Connect Web Services for SOAP (CWSS)

 Module 11: Connect Web Services for SOAP Advanced

 Module 12: Connect REST API

 Module 13: Connect REST API Using in Code

 Module 14: Custom Processes

 Module 15: Hooks

 Module 16: Single Sign On (SSO)

 Module 17: Service Console (Desktop) Add-Ins Overview

 Module 18: Service Console Add-Ins Writing an Add-In

 Module 19: Mobile

 Module 20: Integration with External Systems

 Module 21: Accessibility Awareness

 Module 22: Security Risk Mitigation

Oracle Service Cloud Integration and Development Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
• Prior knowledge of web service technologies and APIs
• Familiarity with JavaScript, PHP, and .NET languages
• Experience using Oracle Service Cloud
• Previous work on application development and system integrations.

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