Oracle Service Bus 12c: New Features Ed 1

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Oracle Service Bus 12c: New Features Ed 1 Course Overview:

The Oracle Service Bus 12c: New Features Ed 1 course is designed to familiarize technical professionals experienced in Service Oriented Architectures and/or Web Services-oriented integration solutions with the features of Oracle Service Bus (OSB) technology. As a key component of the Oracle Fusion Middleware Suite, OSB 12c enables the implementation of service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions. Through this course, participants will learn how OSB 12c facilitates the connection of diverse applications to integration solutions using SOAP- and REST-based web services. The training covers essential aspects such as Oracle Service Bus mediator components, loggers, fault handlers, security authentication and authorization protocols, as well as performance tuning and database adapter configuration. By gaining hands-on experience with Oracle Service Bus technologies, attendees will be well-equipped to deploy OSB 12c effectively within their organizations, optimizing the benefits of this powerful technology.

Intended Audience:

  1. Developers: Individuals involved in development tasks related to Oracle Service Bus (OSB) technology.
  2. IT Consultants: Professionals working as consultants in the IT industry and dealing with integration solutions.
  3. System Administrators: Individuals responsible for managing and maintaining Oracle Service Bus deployments.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Service Bus 12c: New Features Ed 1:

1. Understand how Service Bus 12c fits into the big picture of SOA and integration architectures.
2. Develop an understanding of the core components and services provided by Service Bus.
3. Design, configure and deploy extensions to Service Bus 12c including Business Services, Proxy Services and Mediator Services.
4. Learn how to secure services using authentication and authorization mechanisms.
5. Create connections to different back-end systems such as databases, EAS, and FTP.
6. Troubleshoot and debug Service Bus services using the diagnostic monitoring features.
7. Leverage Service Bus content enrichment services to process messages dynamically.
8. Learn how to configure Service Bus to provide high performance and scalability.
9. Use Service Bus 12c to create RESTful services.
10. Leverage Service Bus 12c Triggers and Events to react to message arrival into a Message Queue.
11. Learn how to use the Service Bus 12c Adapters to connect to Oracle SOA Suite components.
12. Secure Service Bus 12c services using Oracle Web Services Security.

 Module 1: Overview
  • Context of Service Bus within SOA Suite 12c
  • Differences between 11g and 12c installation
  • Overview of course lessons and topics
  • Overview of Service Bus development and adminstration tools
  • Leveraging the Quick Start Installer for 12c
  • Starting JDeveloper
  • Configuring Integrated and Stand-Alone domains
  • Creating Application Server connections
  • Understanding the 12c topology and architecture
  • Using JDeveloper to create SB Projects
  • Using the Service Bus Test console
  • Introduction to Pipeline Message Flow Component
  • Leveraging the new Dependency Explorer
  • Configuring and using the new File-based design-time MDS repository
  • Using the new Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control for monitoring Service Bus projects and resources
  • Understanding unique and overlapping capabilites between the Service Bus Console and the EM FMW Control
  • Using the new Service Bus Console
  • Understanding session management
  • New Service Bus security roles for 12c
  • Persistence contexts and persistence units
  • Create, read, update and delete operations with JPA
  • Entities and the entity manager
  • Object-relational mapping
  • Create typed queries in JPA with JPQL
  • Creating and using Pipeline Message Flow components
  • Creating and using user-defined shared context variable across multiple pipeline components
  • Creating and using the new Pipeline Template
  • Unlinking tempate-based Pipeline components
  • Using the built-in validation constraints
  • JPA lifecycle phases where validation takes place
  • Using validation groups
  • Programmatic validation by injecting a Validator
  • Creating a custom bean validation constraint
  • What is Bean Validation?
  • Creating alert destinations
  • Defining SLAs with EM FMW Control
  • Viewing reports with EM FMW Control
  • Monitoring service metrics with EM FMW Control
  • Jobs, steps and chunks
  • Programmatic and automatic timers
  • What are timer services?
  • Batch examples
  • What is Batch processing?
  • Configuring and leveraging the new Oracle Diagnostic Log for troubleshooting and debugging
  • Enabling and disabling message flow stages and actions
  • Exploring the Test console options in JDeveloper
  • Using the new Service Bus 12c debugger tool in JDeveloper
  • Authentication, authorization and confidentiality
  • Creating users and groups and mapping them to roles
  • Defining possible web service attack vectors
  • Apply Java EE security using deployment descriptors
  • Transforming messages with the new XSLT Mapper tool
  • Creating XQuery transformations with JDeveloper
  • Creating nXSD transformations with the Native Format Builder wizard
  • Using the new nXSD Translate action in message flows
  • Understanding JCA adpaters and SB transports
  • Using the SOA-DIRECT transport with SOA composite application services
  • Creating REST-ful proxy services using the new REST binding wizard
  • Virtulizing external REST-ful services using the new REST binding wizard

Oracle Service Bus 12c: New Features Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

The Oracle Service Bus 12c: New Features Education does not have specific prerequisites. However, to make the most of the training and fully understand the new features, attendees are recommended to have certain knowledge and experience, including:

  1. Good Working Knowledge of Oracle Service Bus 11g: Having a good understanding of Oracle Service Bus 11g will provide a strong foundation for learning about the new features and enhancements in the 12c version.
  2. Familiarity with Web Service Standards: Some knowledge of Web Service standards, such as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and WSDL (Web Services Description Language), will be beneficial as they are integral to Oracle Service Bus functionality.
  3. Basic Concepts of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): Understanding the basic principles and concepts of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) will aid in comprehending how Oracle Service Bus fits into the overall integration landscape.
  4. Comfortable Working in JDeveloper 12c or Eclipse: Familiarity and comfort with using JDeveloper 12c or Eclipse as Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) will facilitate hands-on practice and implementation during the training.

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