Oracle Service Bus 12c: Design & Integrate Services Ed 1

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

Oracle Service Bus 12c: Design & Integrate Services Ed 1 Course Overview:

The Oracle Service Bus 12c: Design and Integrate Services Ed 1 course is designed to introduce participants to the capabilities of Oracle Service Bus and its role in creating, managing, and integrating services. Through hands-on exercises, learners will gain practical experience in building and deploying service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications. The course covers essential concepts, best practices, and advanced features of Oracle Service Bus, including complex routing, transformation, message mediation, advanced security, event-driven integrations, and monitoring technologies. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped to confidently configure and manage service-oriented solutions using Oracle Service Bus.

Intended Audience:

  1. Solutions architects who design and plan solutions using Oracle Service Bus.
  2. Technical consultants involved in implementing and configuring Oracle Service Bus for clients.
  3. IT professionals who work with Oracle Service Bus in their organizations and want to enhance their skills.
  4. Oracle professionals who want to stay updated with the latest Service Bus versions, features, functionalities, and capabilities for developing complex services, repurposing, routing, and transforming messages.
  5. Professionals who are interested in acquainting themselves with the new version of Oracle Service Bus and learn about migrating to it.
  6. Developers and administrators who lack knowledge of Service Bus fundamentals and functioning but want to learn and benefit from the training course.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Service Bus 12c: Design & Integrate Services Ed 1:

1. Learn how to design and deploy services in SOA composite applications, configure Service Bus resources, and use them in applications.
2. Understand the Service Bus architecture, components, and process of service creation and deployment.
3. Learn all the features of the latest version of Oracle Service Bus (OSB) 12c, including proxy and messaging services, the new visual tools, and cloud integration.
4. Master the concepts of SOA integration, composition, and services governance using OSB 12c.
5. Understand how to safely deploy, test, and troubleshoot OSB services.
6. Know how to design, implement and manage integration between cloud and on-premise services.
7. Get insights on the best practices for OSB Design and testing.

 Module 1: Introducing Oracle Service Bus
  • About Enterprise Service Bus
  • Introducing Oracle Service Bus
  • About Oracle Service Bus and Oracle SOA Suite
  • Describing Service Bus installation and configuration options
  • Explaining basics of WSDL and XSD
  • Discussing Service Bus components
  • Creating a simple Service Bus application
  • Discussing features for developers
  • Discussing message flow
  • About context variables
  • About pipeline templates
  • Explaining debugging
  • Explaining message validation
  • Discussing fault handling
  • Discussing reporting
  • Overview of message transformation in Service Bus
  • About XPath functions
  • Using XSLT Mapper to create XSL transformations
  • Using XQuery Mapper to create XQuery transformations
  • Transforming non-XML to XML with nXSD
  • Oveview of message routing
  • About content-based routing
  • About dynamic routing
  • Discussing message enrichment use cases
  • Explaining enrichment using Service Callout
  • Describing enrichment using Java Callout
  • Introducing split-join
  • About split-join patterns
  • About split-join constructions
  • Implementing a split-join
  • About JCA transport and adapters
  • Discussing SOA-DIRECT transport
  • Exposing SOAP-based services as REST services using the REST binding
  • Discussing reliable messaging support in Service Bus
  • About quality of service
  • Discussing configurations for reliable communication
  • About security concepts
  • Discussing Oracle WSM security
  • About access control policies
  • Discussing principles and best practices of using Service Bus
  • About service result caching and SLA alerts
  • Integrating with MFT
  • About message re-sequencing
  • Describing continuous integration with Maven

Oracle Service Bus 12c: Design & Integrate Services Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

The primary prerequisite for Oracle Service Bus 12c: Design & Integrate Services Ed 1 Training is a fundamental knowledge of Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) as well as basic Java EE knowledge. It is also useful to have knowledge of working with web services and XML technologies.

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