Oracle SCM Cloud: Order Management

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle SCM Cloud: Order Management Course Overview:

The Oracle SCM Cloud: Order Management certification validates professionals’ expertise in handling Oracle’s suite of supply chain management applications. It confirms proficiency in executing, managing, and configuring order management solutions, focusing on order fulfillment, orchestration processes, change management, and fulfillment line configurations. Industries utilize this certification to ensure their workforce’s competence and understanding of order management, leading to improved business operations, real-time visibility, order orchestration, and fulfillment tracking.

Intended Audience:

  • Supply Chain Managers and Executives
  • Order Management Specialists
  • ERP Consultants
  • Oracle SCM Cloud Users
  • IT Professionals specializing in Oracle platforms
  • Supply Chain Analysts and Consultants
  • Business Operations Managers

Learning Objectives of Oracle SCM Cloud: Order Management:

The course aims to enable participants to:

  1. Core Functionality and Features: Understand the essential functionality and features of Oracle’s Order Management system.
  2. Effective Order Execution: Acquire the skills necessary to efficiently manage and execute supply chain orders.
  3. Integration with Oracle Applications: Develop the ability to integrate Oracle Order Management with other Oracle applications.
  4. Order Orchestration and Pricing: Learn how to configure order orchestration and pricing rules to streamline the order process.
  5. Customer Order and Fulfillment Management: Gain proficiency in managing customer orders and fulfillment processes.
  6. Analytics and Performance Measurement: Utilize Oracle’s built-in analytics to measure and evaluate order management performance.

By the end of the course, participants should be equipped with the knowledge and practical skills to effectively manage supply chain orders, optimize order processes, and contribute to the enhancement of business operations within an organization.

 Module 1: Introduction

  • Oracle Order-to-Cash Cloud Overview
  • Course Introduction

 Module 2: Pricing

  • Discount Lists
  • Shipping Charge Lists
  • Price Lists
  • Pricing Strategies

 Module 3: Order Capture and Change Processing

  • Change Order Processing
  • Configure Orders

 Module 4: Order Promising

  • Data Collection and Global Order Promising Administration
  • Key Order Promising Functionality
  • Global Order Promising
  • Order Promising Rules

 Module 5: Order Import and Transformation

  • Order Import
  • Transformation

 Module 6: Orchestration

  • Defining Processing Constraints and Hold Codes
  • Defining Orchestration
  • Change Management and Process Assignment
  • Orchestration Process Planning, Deployment, and Jeopardy
  • Managing Orchestration Statuses

 Module 7: Integration

  • Integration

 Module 8: Shipping

  • Shipping – Basic Setup
  • Pick Wave Management
  • Introduction to Shipping
  • Pick Confirmation
  • Ship Confirm

Oracle SCM Cloud: Order Management Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of business processes and concepts
• Knowledge of Oracle cloud infrastructure, services, and tools
• Experience in Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) applications
• Proficiency in Oracle Order Management module with cloud functions
• Familiarity with Oracle cloud’s security practices
• IT background or relevant experience.

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