Oracle Procurement Cloud: Procurement Implementation

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

Oracle Procurement Cloud: Procurement Implementation Course Overview:

The Oracle Procurement Cloud: Procurement Implementation certification is a specialized accreditation that confirms an individual’s expertise in setting up, implementing, and managing Oracle’s Procurement Cloud solution. This certification focuses on core procurement principles and the application of Oracle’s cloud-based technology. Industries widely adopt this certification to identify professionals capable of streamlining procurement processes, reducing costs, and effectively managing supplier relationships in a technologically advanced environment. It holds particular relevance in sectors heavily reliant on procurement functions, such as manufacturing, retail, or logistics. By earning this certification, professionals can showcase their understanding of modern procurement systems, thereby contributing to operational efficiency and strategic growth within their organizations.

Intended Audience:

• Procurement professionals seeking to upgrade their skills
• IT professionals implementing Oracle Procurement Cloud
• Business analysts working in procurement
• Supply chain managers
• Oracle solution consultants
• Professionals looking for Oracle certification
• Corporate procurement teams upgrading to Oracle Cloud

Learning Objectives of Oracle Procurement Cloud: Procurement Implementation:

The learning objectives of the Oracle Procurement Cloud: Procurement Implementation course are designed to provide students with the technical skills and knowledge necessary to successfully implement and manage the Oracle Procurement Cloud application. By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Effectively manage procurement transactions, supplier negotiations, and supplier qualifications, ensuring smooth and efficient procurement operations.
  2. Understand how to utilize contracts for policy enforcement, efficiently manage agreements, and use procurement analytics for data-driven decision making.
  3. Set up common applications configurations and security, enabling a robust and secure procurement environment.
  4. Master the setup and management of workflow and notifications, streamlining communication and approvals in the procurement process.
  5. Learn best practices for supplier onboarding, transacting, and reporting to enhance supplier interactions and optimize procurement processes.
  6. Acquire the skills to efficiently administer various aspects of procurement processes through Oracle Procurement Cloud, maximizing its potential to benefit their organizations.

By achieving these learning objectives, students will be equipped with the necessary expertise to effectively implement and manage Oracle Procurement Cloud, contributing to improved efficiency, cost savings, and strategic decision-making in procurement operations.

 Module 1: Understand the Oracle Procurement Cloud life cycle

 Module 2: Understand Oracle Procurement Cloud Deployment and Integration

 Module 3: Use Functional Setup Manager with Oracle Procurement Cloud Offerings

 Module 4: Configure Common Applications and Oracle Procurement Cloud

 Module 5: Secure Oracle Procurement Cloud

 Module 6: Define Approval Management

 Module 7: Set Up Oracle Procurement Cloud Common Functions

 Module 8: Define and Manage Suppliers

 Module 9: Use Supplier Agreements

 Module 10: Administer Procurement Catalogs

 Module 11: Manage Requisitions

 Module 12: Manage Purchase Orders

 Module 13: Use Self-Service Receiving

 Module 14: Set Up and Manage Oracle Supplier Qualification Management Cloud

 Module 15: Set Up and Manage Oracle Sourcing Cloud

 Module 16: Set Up and Manage Oracle Sourcing Cloud

 Module 17: Integrate Oracle Procurement Cloud

Oracle Procurement Cloud: Procurement Implementation Course Prerequisites:

• Prior knowledge about Oracle Procurement Cloud functionality
• Basic understanding of Cloud navigation
• Fundamental knowledge of procurement operations
• Essential understanding of enterprise structure design
• Oracle’s Procurement Cloud Implementation utility familiarity and BPM worklist
• Familiarity with Fusion security concepts
• Oracle Procurement Cloud Release 13 pre-training completion.

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