Oracle Procurement Cloud: Procurement Core Team

Duration : 1 Day (8 Hours)

Oracle Procurement Cloud: Procurement Core Team Course Overview:

The Oracle Procurement Cloud: Procurement Core Team certification is an esteemed acknowledgment granted by Oracle, signifying an individual’s expertise in managing the Oracle Procurement Cloud solution. This powerful solution empowers organizations to optimize, automate, and govern their procurement processes, enabling strategic sourcing, supplier management, contract enforcement, and comprehensive procurement capabilities. Certified professionals are adept at configuring and utilizing the solution to achieve cost reduction, mitigate supply chain risks, and foster innovation within the organization. This certification is highly sought after by industries involved in supply chain management, as it ensures efficient procurement processes and provides a competitive advantage to the organization.

Intended Audience:

  • Team members responsible for handling various aspects of procurement processes within their organizations.
  • Supply chain managers tasked with managing the end-to-end procurement operations and supply chain efficiency.
  • Purchasing managers overseeing the procurement of goods and services, ensuring timely and cost-effective purchases.
  • Procurement analysts responsible for analyzing procurement data, identifying trends, and making data-driven decisions.
  • Operations managers involved in the procurement department, ensuring smooth and efficient procurement activities.
  • Budget officers responsible for managing and controlling the procurement budget and expenses.
  • Vendor/Supplier Relationship managers focused on building and maintaining relationships with vendors and suppliers.
  • Business strategists in the procurement department, contributing to the strategic decision-making process related to procurement.
  • Procurement assistants and coordinators supporting the procurement team in various administrative tasks and coordination.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Procurement Cloud: Procurement Core Team:

The learning objectives of the Oracle Procurement Cloud: Procurement Core Team course are as follows:

  1. Understanding how to utilize Oracle Procurement Cloud to streamline procurement processes and improve operational efficiency.
  2. Learning how to effectively reduce procurement costs by optimizing functionalities such as document builder, approval manager, and supplier portal.
  3. Gaining proficiency in implementing various procurement modules, including purchasing, self-service procurement, sourcing, supplier qualification management, and procurement contracts.
  4. Acquiring the skills to efficiently manage contracts and changes, converting paper-based tasks into electronic forms, and enhancing overall supplier interaction and communication.
  5. Mastering the use of Oracle Procurement Cloud to drive strategic sourcing, improve supplier relationships, and enhance procurement effectiveness.

By the end of this course, attendees will be well-equipped to maximize the potential of Oracle Procurement Cloud, ensuring a seamless procurement process, cost savings, and enhanced supplier engagement, ultimately benefiting their organizations and contributing to business success.

 Module 1: Procurement Cloud: Procurement Core Team Training Overview

 Module 2: Basic Navigation and Business Flows

 Module 3: Functional Setup Manager

 Module 4: Enterprise Structures

 Module 5: Approvals

 Module 6: Procurement: Common Functions

 Module 7: Suppliers

 Module 8: Supplier Agreements

 Module 9: Self Service Procurement & Procurement Catalogs

 Module 10: Requisitions

 Module 11: Purchase Orders

 Module 12: Self-Service Receiving

 Module 13: Supplier Qualification Management

 Module 14: Sourcing

 Module 15: Procurement Contracts

 Module 16: Procurement Cloud Resources and Next Steps

Oracle Procurement Cloud: Procurement Core Team Course Prerequisites:

  • A basic understanding of Oracle Cloud applications to navigate and work within the Oracle Cloud environment effectively.
  • Knowledge of Oracle Procurement Cloud features and functionalities, which are essential for administering and managing procurement processes.
  • Familiarity with the general procurement process to comprehend the underlying principles and practices.
  • Experience in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation, which provides a foundation for understanding procurement systems and processes.
  • Awareness of Oracle Fusion Applications, as Oracle Procurement Cloud is a part of the Oracle Fusion Applications suite.
  • Completion of an Oracle Procurement Cloud training course to gain the necessary knowledge and skills specific to this cloud-based procurement solution.
  • Six months or more experience using Oracle Procurement Cloud to gain practical hands-on experience in its implementation and usage.

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