Oracle Procurement Cloud: Administration

Duration : 1 Day (8 Hours)

Oracle Procurement Cloud: Administration Course Overview:

The Oracle Procurement Cloud: Administration certification is a prestigious credential that showcases an individual’s competency in effectively managing and administering Oracle Procurement Cloud Solutions. This certification revolves around tasks such as installation, configuration, and maintenance of Oracle’s procurement software, demonstrating expertise in managing procurement data, approving workflows, and configuring catalog content. Industries widely adopt this certification to identify professionals who can enhance procurement procedures using Oracle Cloud services, leading to cost-effective purchase activities, risk reduction, and streamlined procurement processes. The certification plays a vital role in facilitating the seamless integration of procurement systems with the Oracle cloud, thereby ensuring efficient and effective supply chain operations for businesses.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals seeking to administer Oracle Procurement applications and ensure their effective implementation and management.
  • Individuals responsible for managing purchasing processes within their organizations and aiming to enhance their skills and proficiency in Oracle Procurement Cloud.
  • Businesses interested in adopting cloud-based procurement solutions and requiring professionals with Oracle Procurement Cloud expertise to manage their procurement operations.
  • Oracle end-users who need advanced understanding and knowledge of procurement processes, tools, and best practices to improve their procurement activities.
  • Consultants and analysts working in the procurement sector who wish to gain a recognized certification in Oracle Procurement Cloud, further advancing their career prospects.
  • ERP specialists and Oracle Database administrators aiming to expand their skill set and specialization by becoming proficient in Oracle Procurement Cloud administration and operations.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Procurement Cloud: Administration:

By the end of the Oracle Procurement Cloud: Administration course, learners will have achieved the following learning objectives:

  1. Setting up and managing Oracle Procurement Cloud applications, ensuring effective implementation and smooth operations.
  2. Understanding the functionality of procurement contracts and gaining the ability to create and manage suppliers efficiently.
  3. Comprehending the setup and maintenance of purchasing, self-service procurement, and sourcing modules to effectively manage procurement processes.
  4. Acquiring knowledge of configuration options to make informed and optimal business decisions related to procurement activities.
  5. Developing analytical skills to monitor and analyze procurement operations, enabling learners to identify opportunities for improvement and cost-saving.
  6. Becoming proficient in managing security and common applications configurations in Oracle Procurement Cloud, ensuring data integrity and system stability.

Overall, this course equips learners with the necessary expertise to handle Oracle Procurement Cloud applications competently, effectively manage procurement operations, and contribute to the success of procurement activities within their organizations.

 Module 1: Security Overview
  • Overview of Role Based Access Control
  • Manage Users and Role Provisioning
  • Security Modifications
  • Security Audit and Administration
  • Discuss Integration Options
  • Discuss SOAP Web Services
  • Discuss ADFdi
  • Discuss File Based Data Imports
  • Overview
  • Explain Personalization, Run Time Modifications and Expansions
  • Explain Modification Options
  • Explain Approvals Management
  • Key Concepts
  • Task Configurations for Approvals Management
  • Task Administration
  • Describe Functional Setup Manager
  • Explain Maintenance Tasks

Oracle Procurement Cloud: Administration Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of Oracle Procurement Cloud application
• Familiarity with cloud-based procurement processes
• Knowledge of basic IT and cloud computing concepts
• Previous experience in Oracle software implementation
• Understanding of Oracle Fusion Applications roadmap
• Basic skills in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure administration.

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